New Wonder Woman 1984 Image Shows Diana With The Upper Hand

Wonder Woman having a conversation with Barbara Minerva

Director Patty Jenkins has stated that Wonder Woman 1984, the highly-anticipated and long-awaited sequel to the 2017 DC film Wonder Woman, is ‘technically done.’ So now all we have to do is wait for June and hope that external factors don’t wind up pushing the blockbuster back. While we wait, we can look forward to the steady drip of new images and footage to get us hyped for the Amazonian’s 80s adventure. Take a look below to see a new image from Wonder Woman 1984 showing Diana with the upper hand.

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Let this be a lesson, if you send cut-rate goons to fight Wonder Woman, they’re going to have a very bad time. In this image from Wonder Woman 1984 from Total Film, we see Wonder Woman handling two attackers with complete and total ease. She clearly has the upper hand and almost seems blasé about the whole affair. Since this appears to be from the fight at the mall, perhaps something in one of the nearby stores caught her eye.

Just based on this image it’s hard to tell what she’s actually doing that is causing dude on the right to scream out in agony. It’s not a wristlock or any sort of joint manipulation and she isn’t striking them, but they clearly are not enjoying themselves. However, this image appears to be from a scene glimpsed in the trailer during the mall fight.

In the fight, these two goons dressed in their 80s finest, including what appear to be plaid bellbottoms, point their guns at a charging Wonder Woman. Undeterred, Diana of Themyscira runs right up to them, grabbing them by the wrists and yanking up. I’m guessing that their shoulders are probably going to need to be put back in their sockets thanks to Wonder Woman’s super strength. They might have broken wrists as well.

After yanking their arms up in the trailer, pointing the guns at the roof and away from the mall patrons, Diana then breaks both weapons. It looks like a really cool scene overall and Wonder Woman 1984 seems poised to join Stranger Things in the proud and resurgent tradition of epic mall battles.

The other notable thing about this image is just how different this looks than the original Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot’s armor looks awesome and really pops here. It’s a stark contrast to the original film, which featured a more muted color palette in keeping with its World War I setting. But by jumping ahead to the 1980s, Wonder Woman 1984 can revel in comic book colors and that 80s aesthetic.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens in theaters on June 5. That’s just one of the many huge movies to look forward to this year. Check out the rest in our 2020 Release Schedule and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest movie news.

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