Wow, No Time To Die's Release Has Officially Been Pushed Back

No Time To Die Bond and Swann sitting in their bullet ridden car

In the midst of the global health crisis surrounding the Coronavirus, and the request of 007 fans to postpone the release of No Time to Die in light of such pressing concerns, there has been a suggestion that the 25th James Bond film might see itself pushed back to another release window. Today, it’s no longer a suggestion, but a considerate reality, as the official announcement has been made that Daniel Craig’s final James Bond adventure will now be released in November of this year.

This news came straight from the top, as the following post was just made to social media:

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Instead of releasing in its previously slated April 10th release date in the US, the film will now open on November 25th, in a slot that just happens to be more in line with the traditional release strategy for the James Bond franchise. Per the news released on the official 007 Twitter account, he UK release date has also been changed to November 12th, from its original April 2nd launch window; with more territories to have their start dates announced with updated dates as time goes on.

This isn’t the first preventative measures that the people behind No Time to Die have taken to be mindful of the ever present measures being suggested and taken to keep fans and crew members alike safe and sound. Previously, premiere and press events in China were cancelled, in an effort to keep the film’s promotions moving, while also being ever vigilant with this developing crisis.

Recent fan requests had questioned whether or not director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s film should even still be released in its previous April time frame. As there could be suggestions that retail activities, such as movie theater operations, temporarily shut down throughout the world, much as China has already done in the past couple of months, those requests look to have yielded the effective result.

If there’s any silver lining to this pretty lengthy delay, it’s that No Time to Die will actually be opening in the traditional James Bond release slot of November after all. As the project was bumped to a February and then April release date in 2020, it looked like we were going to get a bit of a different experience for Daniel Craig’s swan song.

Now, of course, we might see James Bond pitted against some powerful foes: such as Marvel’s big and expensive experiment The Eternals, which is slated to open November 6th, and Godzilla vs. Kong, which is earmarked for a more pressing November 20th slot. So much for that silver lining.

We’ll see how these matters progress in the meantime, but as of this moment No Time to Die will be released into theaters on November 12th in the UK and November 25th in the US, with all other territories to be determined at a later date. Stay tune to CinemaBlend for developing details on this breaking story.

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