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You always have to try to find the humor in dark times, and fans of Aquaman Jason Momoa found a way keep things light while also sharing an important health reminder. The coronavirus outbreak is pretty much all we hear about these days, and one thing we're all told to do to try to prevent the spread of the virus is to wash our hands. Sounds pretty simple but it's scary how many people don't do that regularly.

At any rate, I've been seeing this shirtless Jason Momoa as Aquaman meme spreading on Facebook. And even though Momoa's last name is spelled wrong, it definitely gets the message across:

Yes, "My Man" just wants you all to stay healthy. Fans are now spreading the cheeky message around and having fun in the comments:

Ah, but you don't have to be a straight woman to appreciate Jason Momoa. His charms are equal-opportunity! Just like all men and women should appreciate the perfection of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

No one is actually going to wash down Jason Momoa, other than maybe his wife Lisa Bonet, but it's funny how fast coronavirus jokes started spreading across social media. Ariana Grande recently got dragged into a coronavirus joke, playing off the existing "Ariana Grande washing hands" meme mocking her signature oversized sleeves. She quipped a comment of "hate u all" on the post:

Maybe it's appropriate that the Aquaman star is the focus of a new hand-washing meme, not just because Aquaman is obviously connected to water, but also Jason Momoa is a prominent environmentalist who probably appreciates being part of a health campaign. (Yes, calling that meme a health campaign is a stretch, but I bet it's gonna get my aunt to remember to wash for a long time!)

I do hope this meme finds its way to Jason Momoa and he convinces people to make a new one spelling his name right. Or -- even better -- he could make a funny PSA video, since he does love himself a funny commercial.

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a serious outbreak costing lives, but on the much-less-important Hollywood side it's also costing money. No Time to Die just made headlines by moving from its April 2020 release date all the way to November 2020. So far, Black Widow is staying put and Vin Diesel has made a point of saying Fast and Furious 9 isn't going anywhere.

Netflix's Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds is now filming and it was going to shoot in Italy but now it's mulling options. The Amazing Race also suspended production since it's a world-traveling show during a time when world travel is more complicated. The Bachelorette is also dealing with such concerns, since it's about to start filming around the world. There are even fears that the Tokyo Olympics could be cancelled.

At least the amazing movie Contagion is getting a streaming boost from all of this, in one of the few silver linings. Also, Aquaman 2 is coming in 2022. Hopefully this virus will be a distant memory by then.

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