First Look At Red Notice Reveals Dwayne Johnson's Suave Netflix Movie With Gal Gadot And Ryan Reynolds

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Netflix is breaking out the BIG guns for Red Notice. The high-octane high-budget high-caliber cast is led by Dwayne Johnson, along with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Wonder Woman and Deadpool! Writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber is at the helm for his third movie with The Rock after Central Intelligence and Skyscraper.

Red Notice has been filming since January, following the world's greatest art thief (Gal Gadot), the world's greatest con man (Ryan Reynolds), and the world's greatest tracker (Dwayne Johnson). Yes, it's shaping up to be the "greatest" movie of all time!

Red Notice is said to have a big budget over $125 million, with Dwayne Johnson reportedly picking up a $20 million check. Half of that may have gone to his dapper suit in the first photo he shared from the movie set:

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Or maybe it went to pay for all the slates. I think that shot just needs a few more! Dwayne Johnson looks pretty suave in his tux to play a government profiler in Red Notice. And is he holding a platter or some kind of shield? I wonder if this particular scene is set in an art gallery setting tied to Gal Gadot's character.

Speaking of Gal Gadot, she shared a shot of her script back on January 14, 2020 to mark the start of her Red Notice journey with these guys:

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Frank Masi is the photographer who took the shot The Rock (aka DJ) shared, and he re-posted with his own note about the cast's chemistry so far:

So stoked to be shooting on my 7th film with DJ, RED NOTICE. Been filming this all year and this is gonna be a fun ride! So much fun to work with Dwayne, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds! So much chemistry with these three!

Director Rawson Thurber re-posted The Rock's photo from back in January when filming got started:

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Ryan Reynolds is hardly bashful on social media, but he has yet to start any heavy promotion for Red Notice. Maybe he's trying to give his own recently released Netflix movie 6 Underground some space.

There was a bidding war for Red Notice, as Deadline reported in February 2018. Just about every studio made a bid, including Netflix, but Universal Pictures and Legendary won the fight. The movie was going to be released in June 2020, and then November 2020. But then when Universal reportedly balked at the budget, Netflix was happy to agree to step in. Netflix and Ryan Reynolds were both added to Red Notice's story around the same time, and now here we are.

But, as everyone now knows, where we are is in the middle of a global coronavirus outbreak. That has already affected Red Notice, since it was going to film part of the story in Italy, in addition to the main filming in Atlanta. That may still happen, but Deadline recently reported that Netflix and the producers were mulling options.

Netflix has yet to set a release date for Red Notice, but that might actually be released in tandem with an official trailer. Could be a while, but stay tuned for more info and photos with the other stars.

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