Emily Blunt Shares Optimistic Hopes For The Edge Of Tomorrow's Sequel

Rita telling Cage to find her when he wakes up in Edge of Tomorrow

Up until this morning, we were next going to see actress Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place Part II next weekend. That film has now been pushed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and a new release date has not yet been set. So we’ll have to wait to see how the Abbott family stays quiet and survives in John Krasinski’s sequel. Another Emily Blunt movie we’re waiting on is of course the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow.

The 2014 film from director Doug Liman didn’t perform at the box office, but was a critical success and found an audience on home video and streaming. Recently, it has been looking like a sequel film, titled Live Die Repeat and Repeat is actually going to happen. For her part, Emily Blunt is optimistic about the Edge of Tomorrow sequel, saying:

I think there’s an idea, that [Liman] says is great. And he says this guy came in and cracked the case. How the stars will all align for us to be able to do it. I don’t know. I hope they do.

The possibility of an Edge of Tomorrow sequel has been discussed for some time and we’ve written about the matter extensively. But there have been more than a few hurdles to overcome to make this sequel happen, not the least of which is the busy schedules of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. There’s also the matter of the film’s story and on that front, Emily Blunt had some encouraging words.

Director Doug Liman has previously spoken in an intriguing way about the overall idea for the film, but they had to get a script that was up to snuff and everyone loved in order to move forward. Screenwriter Matthew Robinson was brought in to work on that and it seems that may have borne fruit. As Emily Blunt tells IndieWire, a guy came in (presumably Robinson) and cracked the case.

This basically comports with what we’ve heard previously from Doug Liman. Earlier this year the director teased the super complicated story for Live Die Repeat and Repeat, showing that work was clearly being done on the film.

So it sounds like progress has definitely been made and Live Die Repeat and Repeat has a story and at least part of a script that is worthy and filmable. But things are not yet at the point where we can expect cameras to start rolling next week or anything.

As Emily Blunt says, she doesn’t know if the stars will align to the point where everything is good to go and everyone is available and willing to actually make Live Die Repeat and Repeat. Doug Liman has expressed doubt on that front in the past.

Nevertheless, Emily Blunt remains optimistic and makes it clear that she very much hopes that those stars do align and this long-wished for sequel actually comes to fruition.

We’ll keep you updated on Live Die Repeat and Repeat as news develops. Whether it does or not, Emily Blunt has plenty of exciting fare headed to theaters. A Quiet Place Part II will presumably still hit theaters this year and won’t be delayed until 2021, but we’ll see. And for now Jungle Cruise is still scheduled to open on July 24.

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