The One Bloodshot Ability Vin Diesel Would Love to Give To Dominic Toretto

Vin Diesel in Bloodshot

Vin Diesel is no stranger to playing fantastical characters with super human abilities. While most of his characters aren't actually out of comic books, he's still played characters that were immortal, magical, incredibly strong or otherwise super human. With Bloodshot, which opens in theaters today, Diesel plays a character with an entire suite of super abilities, but the one he'd like to bestow upon his Fast & Furious alter ego, and in fact, himself, might be a bit surprising.

In the comics, Bloodshot is sort of a dark and sinister version of Captain America, with a host of enhanced abilities, but Vin Diesel tells CinemaBlend's Jeff McComb that the one thing he'd love to take from Bloodshot and give to Dominic Toretto is Bloodshot's computerized brain, which has the ability to gather essentially limitless amounts of information. Check out Diesel's complete answer below.

While asked what Bloodshot power Vin Diesel would like to give to Dominic Toretto, the actor actually admits that Bloodshot's ability to learn and retain basically any knowledge is something he would like to have himself. If nothing else, it would make it easier when he's trying to help his kids do their homework, which is, it has to be said, such a "dad" answer.

Although, Dominic Toretto has a son in F9, so Dom probably could use the ability to help his kid with homework as well, so maybe that's where the character would use the ability.

But honestly, he's not wrong. While having super strength or enhanced reflexes would be cool, unless you were an actual superhero fighting bad guys every day, how often would you actually use that? The enhanced mind able to gather and use any amount of information is something we would all use every day if we had the ability. Knowledge is wonderful, but it requires so much time to gain. It would be so much easier if we could just download whatever we needed or wanted to our brains directly and could access it at will.

Originally, the connection between Bloodshot and the Fast & Furious movies was going to be a bit stronger, as F9 was going to release just a few weeks after the new Vin Diesel movie. However, following the havoc caused by the coronavirus on Hollywood, the newest Fast & Furious movie has been put off by a full year. Every wide release film set to come out in the next month has been pulled from release. F9 gave itself the most significant delay. More than likely this is because, if and when things return to some semblance of normal, there will be a lot of movies jockeying for release dates and competition at the box office will probably be stronger than usual. By waiting a full year, the movie can stake a claim and likely still have the strong global box office it was previously expecting.

All the delays in other films releasing might be good news for Bloodshot, as there will be essentially no competition for the next few weeks at least, though that assumes that people are willing to gather in theaters to see it. By Monday we'll know what happens.

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