The Internet Thinks Venom Has Landed On Our Planet, Which Is Very 2020


These are strange times. We face new challenges daily, and as a global society, we can be quick to devising solutions to them. At the same time, we’ve come to expect the unexpected, and this new issue might require Spider-Man. Because after the following was posted on Twitter, social media now believes that Venom has landed on our planet.

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Now, I’m no scientist. I write about movies, for an entertainment Website. But my eyes tell me that that’s an alien symbiote, and it’s looking to bond with a human host. Preferably, Peter Parker. And I’m certainly not alone in that assumption. When social media locked its eyes on that living, breathing mass of black goo, it responded the way that Twitter normally responds: With mild hysteria.

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The call also went out to Science Twitter (no, we didn’t know that was a thing until now, but sure, it makes sense), yet so far, no one has responded with an explanation as to what we are looking at. So yeah, we’re going to agree with the masses and foolishly assume that Venom now walks among us. Because that’s very 2020.

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You know what would be cool? If this was a marketing ploy by Sony to start spreading the word on Tom Hardy’s Venom 2, which still has an October release date locked into place. We haven’t seen a trailer for the sequel yet, but we know that director Andy Serkis has been hard at work on the follow up film, which expects to add Woody Harrelson as Kletus Cassidy, the threat that goes on to become Carnage.

Knowing that Venom 2 is coming lends come ease and stability to the uncertainty currently swirling around the upcoming movie calendar. And I’m much more comfortable thinking that this oozing black goo is a studio trick, and not a really alien symbiote, dropped down into our already chaotic world to take over our superheroes and feed on the human population. So Sony, do me a favor. Drop me a note of confirmation, so we can keep hysteria at a minimum.

Venom 2 is due in theaters on October 2. If we’re all still here by then.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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