New Snyder Cut Images Bring Back Lois Lane And Martha Kent

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Justice League
(Image credit: (Warner Bros))

Can you name a more famous unreleased movie than the Snyder Cut? I’ll wait. Even Colin Trevorrow’s rumored Star Wars: Duel of the Fates doesn’t quite measure up to the power of the alternate Justice League that never came to be. Over two years after the theatrical release of the DCEU movie that disappointed many fans, the Snyder Cut community has only grown stronger, and Zack Snyder’s continuous behind-the-scenes reveals have continued to flame the fire.

In the latest Vero post from the filmmaker, Zack Snyder shared a couple shots of the women closest to the heart of Henry Cavill’s Superman: Amy Adams’ Lois Lane and Diane Lane’s Martha Kent. It comes during a pivotal scene in the Snyder Cut involving Martian Manhunter. Take a look:

Lois Lane in the Snyder Cut Justice League

(Image credit: (Vero/Zack Snyder))

Lois Lane’s concern is due to the recent death of Superman in Justice League. In the scene, Martha would be comforting Lois at her Kansas home when the tragic loss was still fresh for the Daily Planet reporter. Check out this shot of Mama Kent on the other side of the table:

Diane Lane as Martha Kent in Justice League Snyder Cut

(Image credit: (Vero/Zack Snyder))

As it was revealed in a storyboard shared by Zack Snyder back in October, in the scene, once Lois leaves Martha, she would transform into Martian Manhunter, who would also be played by Harry Lennix, who DCEU viewers already knew as General Swanwick. The Blacklist star would debut as the famed Justice League member to the big screen in the Snyder Cut.

During the production of Justice League, Zack Snyder’s daughter committed suicide, prompting the filmmaker to leave his directing duties on the project. Joss Whedon took over as director, but much of the vision of his film was lost along the way. During fans’ push for Snyder’s own cut of the film, they have raised over $150,000 to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.

Recently, Zack Snyder revealed an epic prize to the winner of a poster contest: a slate used on Justice League which had words inscribed on it that would act as a pass into the production “in the unlikely and purely speculative event” that additional photography for the movie ever happened. The new CEO of Warner Media also subtly gave fans some hope for the Snyder Cut.

Wendy’s is also on the Snyder Cut train… yes, the burger place. Zack Snyder also held a livestream of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition for fans last week, where he talked through the making of the movie and left a teaser at the end of it. Only time will tell if the Snyder Cut will happen, but the director has a movie called Army Of The Dead on the way for Netflix, and Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters in August.

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