More Alleged Details Of Ezra Miller Choking Incident Are Emerging

Ezra Miller staring straight ahead with lightning behind him.

Earlier this week, a disturbing video emerged that seemed to show Flash actor Ezra Miller choking a female fan and throwing her to the ground at a bar in Iceland. Widespread shock on social media followed, as well as a fair bit of confusion as there wasn’t a whole lot of context to the clip. Well, more details are starting to emerge to fill in those gaps.

Variety spoke to someone at Prikio Kaffihus, the bar the incident took place at, and the source identified the person in the video as Ezra Miller and added more specifics to the larger story. Apparently the Justice League star is a regular at the establishment. Miller was allegedly hanging out at the bar at around 6 PM on April 1 when some fans came in and recognized the actor.

The source says the fans were “quite pushy.” Some kind of argument began not long after that, and Miller reportedly confronted one female fan in particular, assumedly the one who gets choked in the video. Workers at Prikio Kaffihus reportedly jumped in after the incident in the video went down and escorted Ezra Miller out of the bar. It was reportedly the first incident the source is aware Miller was involved in. You can check out the original video below…

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There are a lot of sides to every story. Even with these details, this incident remains confusing. It’s unclear if, for example, alcohol played a role in the incident. There is also a very wide range of behaviors that could be described as “pushy.” Regardless, all any of us can speak to right now is what’s on the video, and what’s on the video does not look great for Ezra Miller. The world is filled with fans who don’t understand personal space or when to back off, but unless they cross a certain line, you can’t get physical. Now, it’s certainly possible one of those lines was crossed, but at this point, there’s no evidence to say there was.

Now, how Warner Bros and company will respond and whether this will affect The Flash movie, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them or anything related to the DCEU is unclear. Writer and director John Francis Daley, who was once hired to co-direct the Flash solo movie, left the project back in 2019. Following this incident, he cryptically tweeted out “creative differences”, which many are interpreting as a shot at Ezra Miller’s behavior.

We’ll continue to update this story if/when more details emerge or if Miller or the reps for the actor comment on the record. Until then, all each of us can do is take the facts and the alleged sources and try to process what actually happened and why.

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