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How do you feel about Chipotle? Brain’s pretty down---but Mack, not feeling it so much. How about 30 Rock? Or Zombieland? Or little children swearing at their parents? We cover it all this week on the Blendcast, as well as some more Where The Wild Things talk and, of course, a highly intellectual discussion on Norman Chad’s intentionally corny jokes. Take our wives, please. No take them.

Have you heard of this show Bait Car on Tru TV? Yeah, that’s a real thing. So is the movie Stepfather and the slow-simmered pulled pork sandwiches Trevor and Mack ate during a Bears game potluck on Sunday. Only one of those three things is delicious. We’ll let you guess which one. For the correct answer, click on the subscribe button below.

Warning!: This week’s Blendcast rocks out with its cock out, jams out with its clam out and parties out with its Marty Jannety out. You can’t touch greatness, you can’t complain about perfection, but you can throw rocks at Jesus while he’s hanging on a cross. In this analogy, the Blendcast is Jesus and if you send pissed-off emails, you’re the motherfucker whipping granite at our savior. Enjoy hell, Sodomites.

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