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Matthew Lillard Had A Funny Response When Told He Should Play Donald Trump In A Movie

Matthew Lillard in Good Girls, Photo Courtesy of NBC

There’s been a lot of stuff that has just happened during Donald Trump’s political rise during the 2016 to the present year, which has been fraught with protests as well as the pandemic. With myriad events in mind, some people on the Internet have mentioned the fact there will likely be plenty of Trump movies in the future yet to come and they’ve already found the perfect person to play the President and former reality TV star: Matthew Lillard.

The actor himself is active on Twitter and recently saw one of these posts suggesting he become the actor (or actors) who eventually plays Donald Trump in a big screen biopic. The actor shared an amusing response to the idea, which you can see play out below.

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The media has not been particularly kind in regards to Donald Trump’s appearance since he became President. You can Google around and see entire articles devoted to the tint of his skin (supposedly due to makeup) and the hairdo that Trump has favored in recent years, which has its own backstory. Thus, whether or not you think Matthew Lillard’s initial response is politically motivated or not, I can see how getting compared to Donald Trump could be a little bit of a blow to one’s ego. Then there's also the fact that Lillard only recently hit 50 while Trump is in his 70s, though I suppose the Twitter user could have been referring to Lillard playing a younger version of the politician.

Having said this, would Matthew Lillard be game to play Trump in some sort of movie biopic? Yes, yes he would. He later responded to his own tweet with another amusing take:

My most popular tweet... is me trolling me. That’ll teach me.

I think when most of us think of Matthew Lillard, we think of his youthful roles in movies like Hackers, Scream or Scooby-Doo. More recently, he’s transitioned to voice work in more Scooby-oriented projects along with the long-running Robot Chicken and also appears in NBC’s Good Girls. So, playing Trump would certainly be a new type of challenge for the actor, should it ever actually come to fruition.

On the movies side of things, recently Matthew Lillard made news when Scoob! hit VOD. Having voiced Shaggy for nearly two decades, the actor said he was “bummed” he wasn’t considered for the gig. On the bright side, Good Girls has been renewed, so the actor will be back on network TV once filming commences. As for Trump biopics, there's already one heading to TV and veteran actor Brendan Gleeson is expected to tackle the role. That gig is coming after Alec Baldwin also portrayed the President on SNL, but I'm sure at some point there will be more opportunities for actors to tackle the role, should they so choose to.

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