Fatal Affair’s Nia Long Gives You Two Signs Your Partner Might Be Having A Fatal Affair

Nia Long and Oma Epps in Fatal Affair

Netflix is bringing the deadly-stalker thriller Fatal Affair into your living room, allowing you to watch Omar Epps gets uncomfortably up in the business of Nia Long, all while you yell at your television screen about the bad choices being made by BOTH characters. Peter Sullivan has written and directed a lively, sinister little cheating drama, and it may have you looking over at your significant other wondering if he or she in stepping out behind your back.

With that in mind, I asked the Fatal Affair stars Nia Long and Omar Epps for some telltale signs that the person sitting next to you, watching the Netflix movie, is potentially in a fatal affair. And Long offered these two indicators, so keep one eye on the screen, and another on your partner:

You hear that? In general, it’s a good idea to stay off of your phone when watching a movie. Yes, even when you are at home, watching a movie on Netflix. Cellphones are distractions, and Nia Long and Oma Epps worked hard on Fatal Affair, so pay attention.

But now you know that if you are checking texts or responding to DMs while watching this new Netflix movie with your partner, they may get VERY suspicious. And is it worth the hassle of being suspected of infidelity just to catch up on the latest Twitter trends? No, it’s not, my friend. I can tell you, keep your phone down. Stalkers get very angry when you do not give them proper attention.

Fatal Affair is a play on Fatal Attraction. Nia Long’s character, Ellie, knows David (Epps) from back in the day. She even wonders why they never dated. But Ellie has a man, and a daughter now, so when David comes back into her life through a work collaboration, they can’t really rekindle.

Despite the fact that David is very aggressive. And persistent. And dangerous. I mean, this isn’t called Tender Affair. This is the latest in a string of high-profile additions to the Netflix roster, and the streaming service shows no real signs of slowing down. Yes, they have been succeeding in the action realm as of late. Chris Hemsworth teamed up with The Russo Bros. for the extremely popular Extraction. Meanwhile, Charlize Theron has set up her own action franchise with The Old Guard, starring Kiki Layne.

But Netflix has always been about catering to programming in all genres, from reality to comedy and thriller. Nia Long and Omar Epps’ Fatal Affair falls into that category, so throw it on tonight. Just, you know… stay off the phone while you are watching it.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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