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Just yesterday we were reporting, with perhaps a little too much relish, that Fox Searchlight had called off a national release of Gentlemen Broncos after a medicore opening weekend. I mean, this wasn't spurious rumor-- critics in cities all over the country, including Roger Ebert, were getting e-mails saying that the release had been cancelled in their areas and there wouldn't even be critic's screenings.

But apparently we all spoke too soon. Fox Searchlight's official Twitter account is re-tweeting Roger Ebert's statement that the Chicago release is back on for November 13. No more news right now on where else the movie might expand or why the sudden change of heart. No idea if this is an attempt to quash bad buzz or just a change of heart based on evidence that people really want to see this movie in the heartland, but at this point it's hard to see anything saving the film no matter what they do.

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