Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has The Best Response To Michael Keaton’s Batman Casting

Batman v Superman Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne

Once upon a time, when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice looked to be the beginning of the DC Extended Universe, and it felt pretty sewn up that we’d eventually see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as an older, alternate version of Batman. With Flashpoint in the air and Morgan playing the role of Thomas Wayne in Zack Snyder’s big team-up movie, the blocks were in place for some movie magic to be headed our way.

Lately though, the potential return of Michael Keaton in writer/director Andy Muschietti’s new iteration of The Flash solo movie has seemed to overtaken that possibility as the moment to end all moments; and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has acknowledged as such in this humorous response to his own potential involvement:

Michael Keaton swooped in and took my gig. Naw, I think that’s super cool. Ever since Zack Snyder walked away, my whole kind of bit in that world has walked away with him. However, there’s always a chat going on. So, we’ll see!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared this moment of candor with, and it pretty much lines up as you’d expect. As Zack Snyder’s initial departure from his version of Justice League splintered the DC Extended Universe in two, there’s been a sort of mixed bag approach to how the DC Comics cinematic engine moves forward. Naturally, in that sort of circumstance, the plans that Snyder may have had to bring Morgan back as an alternate universe Batman, with Thomas Wayne being the Dark Knight of Gotham, are assumed to be somewhat off the table.

I say somewhat, because with Jeffrey Dean Morgan signing off with the caveat of “We’ll see,” still means that Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie could be keeping the door open for The Walking Dead actor to return after all. Since this would be the movie to introduce the DCEU to the Multiverse theory and the groundwork has been laid to cross over all sorts of dimensions of heroism in the Warner Bros canon of heroes, all sorts of possibilities are up in the air.

In a world where Zack Snyder’s Justice League is going to exist in tangible reality, anything is truly possible in the DC Extended Universe. So long as there are fans who want it to happen and creative forces who can make it work in the story they’re trying to tell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s chance to slip on a badass Batman suit in the name of fighting crime still exists.

Of course, with the current trajectory seeing The Flash aiming for a July 1, 2022 release date, we’ll probably have to wait a while before any sort of details confirm or deny Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s involvement as a potential Batman. And if any sort of news breaks on that front, CinemaBlend will be there to flash the Bat-Signal of truth and release those details.

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