After Elon Musk Challenged Johnny Depp To A Cage Match, People Are Already Betting On Their Odds

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Johnny Depp makes a surprised face

As if Johnny Depp didn’t have enough problems to worry about, what with his libel suit continuing to bring new and exciting allegations, details and photographs into the public eye, he now has to worry about a potential cage match with Elon Musk. Well, sort of. The engineering/space mogul jokingly challenged the Pirates of the Caribbean actor to a knockdown, drag-out fight due to continual allegations of a three-way affair between Musk, ex-wife Amber Heard and actress Cara Delevingne. So it should be no surprise that betting odds have already surfaced, and folks think Musk is going to be the potential winner.

As of the time of writing this report, betting platform MyBookies has money line betting pegging Johnny Depp with the odds at a +300 standing, puts Depp firmly in the corner of being the underdog. Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s are at a standing of -600. That may all sound a bit confusing, but the site actually has an easy way of explaining what those numbers mean.

In the money line betting structure, if you were to bet on Johnny Depp, you’d need to wager $100 to win $300, were he to win the match. He is the underdog, so typically, that’s how these things work. However, if you bet on the odds on favorite of Elon Musk, you’d need to wager $600 to win $100.

At 49 years old, in somewhat fighting shape and ready to send Tom Cruise into space to film a major motion picture, the South African magnate looks to be the favored winner by a long shot. But while Johnny Depp may be the older competitor at 57 years old, and with a bit of a habit of spending quite a bit his own wealth on his wine habit, there’s a chance that those years of performing Pirates of the Caribbean stunts could have Depp in spryer shape that we think.

Let’s not forget, this man transformed from a fun-loving pirate into the terrifying presence we saw in director Scott Cooper’s mafia biopic Black Mass. If Johnny Depp has the time, the motivation and the trainers, he could pull off a massive makeover that’ll see him ready for this potential cage match. Presuming, of course, it actually happens.

However, if you feel like betting on another fight where you can peg Elon Musk as an underdog, there’s another cage fight listed where Musk’s odds are at +300 with a -400 standing going to his proposed competitor, Mickey Rourke. It kind of makes you wonder what the odds would be on a Rourke/De Niro cage match, doesn’t it? In the meantime, stay tuned to CinemaBlend, for all of the updates on Johnny Depp’s libel suit/prospective cage match you could ever want.

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