Dwayne Johnson Can't Stop, Won't Stop Trying To Convince His Little Daughter He's Actually In Moana

Maui in Moana

In the world of quarantine many of us may have discovered a new hobby or rediscovered an old one. We've found some way to keep ourselves busy so as not to get too overwhelmed by the world at large. Dwayne Johnson is in the same boat as many of us as he can't go out and make movies quite yet, and so he's been spending the last several months trying, in vain, to convince his youngest child that he is, in fact, the voice of Maui in Moana.

Dwayne Johnson and his daughter Tia have, like many parents and kids, spent a lot of time singing together in the last few months. For better or worse, it seems young Tia is a big fan of "You're Welcome" from Moana, but no matter how many times the actual voice of Maui sings the song to her, she is apparently still not convinced that her dad is actually Maui. We saw The Rock trying to get his daughter to believe him a couple months ago, and it seems he's still at it. Check it out.

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It is pretty adorable to see a guy that we still call The Rock singing to a bunch of stuff animals, just like so many other moms and dads in the world find themselves doing. My own daughter went through a serious "You're Welcome" phase at about the same age (she's since moved to "Helpless" from Hamilton). Of course, most of us don't sound like Maui. I feel like even at such a young age the kid should be able to notice that her dad sounds exactly like Maui, and yet, it is not to be. Perhaps when she's older. I suppose it would be one thing if she could actually see her dad on the screen but she's a bit too young to actually watch most of daddy's movies right now.

Tia could perhaps be convinced that daddy was Maui if she heard Maui's voice more often, but we don't know if that's something that could happen. There hasn't been any indication we could see a sequel to Moana, and while one is certainly possible, it's not exactly necessary. However, Moana is getting her own theme park attraction at Epcot, and it's possible that we could see and hear Maui there, though we don't have the details we need for the attraction to know that for sure.

At this point, it will actually be a little sad when Tia actually realizes and accepts that daddy is Maui. It will mean she's growing up and clearly Dwayne Johnson is having a blast playing this game with his daughter. When it's over, it will be the end of an era.

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