Tom Holland’s Rumored Spider-Man 3 Title Would Be A Solid Choice

Spider-Man Far From Home

We know that, eventually, a third MCU Spider-Man movie is coming. And if history has given us any indication, the word “Home” will be in the title. This isn’t any kind of hard-and-fast rule. More just that Tom Holland’s first two features as Marvel Studios’ Peter Parker have been Homecoming and Far From Home, so giving Spidey a Home trilogy would be ideal.

Social media users have had some fun speculating on what the subtitle for the next movie could be. Spider-Man: Home Alone has that Macaulay Culkin vibe, especially now that Peter (Tom Holland) is back in New York City where he belongs. Well, the rumored title that’s being floated these days is Spider-Man: Homesick, and that has a real ring to it.

Take this with a grain of salt, mind you, as the source was a Website called Murphy’s Multiverse, and they since have run an update stating that Maxim Magazine and The Direct (two outlets they were sourcing) have since said this is based on speculation.

So let’s speculate. We need to know the villain of the planned third Spider-Man movie, as that could help reference what the subtitle will be. Or do we? Homecoming was both a clever reference to Spider-Man coming home to Marvel after being part of Sony’s universe for years. Brokered deals allowed the hero to return “home,” but the movie also featured a scene of Peter and Liz (Laura Harrier) at their high school’s homecoming dance. Neither referred to The Vulture, The Shocker, Tinkerer or the villains who were part of the movie.

Then you shift to the sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and you realize that this was an explanation that this story would send Peter on a European journey with his class. There, he’d encounter Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and a slew of B-level baddies, but again, the subtitle didn’t directly tie into the villains used in the piece.

Who do I expect to see as the villain of the third Spider-Man movie? My money is on Kraven the Hunter, for so many reasons. First, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige loves to use classic Spidey villains who haven’t yet been explored on screen yet. This is why the MCU Spidey films haven’t rushed to establish The Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus. I sincerely hope these characters are introduced in the world, but Kraven is an excellent choice for a villain the movies haven’t used yet, and one who’d benefit from a modern spin.

Also, at the very end of Far From Home, J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons, again) revealed Peter’s secret identity, meaning this is a great time for Kraven the Hunter to come to New York City and track his most dangerous prey… Spider-Man.

Would that mean that Peter is homesick? Only if it means he can’t go home, for fear of bringing a threat to Aunt May, so he has to stay on the run in New York City. That would be very cool if the third movie started exactly where Far From Home left off, and took place over the course of 48 hours, where Peter had to avoid going home while also protecting himself from the threat of Kraven?

I digress. I can speculate on Spider-Man all day long. So, tell me, does Spider-Man: Homesick work? The movie currently is prepping a shoot in Atlanta, and is expected to dive in once Tom Holland has wrapped shooting on Uncharted. As of right now, the third MCU Spider-Man movie is dated for December 17, 2021, though that is subject to change.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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