Ezra Miller's The Flash Movie Shows Off Art Of The DC Hero's New Suit

The Flash

DC’s attempts at creating a movie based around the Scarlet Speedster have been well-documented. Several directors have come on gone, followed by multiple screenwriters taking a stab at the first feature-length The Flash movie. One constant has remained, though, and that’s the casting of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in a Flash movie that’s expected to build off of the SnyderVerse of stories. And now that project has taken a huge step forward.

Ezra Miller was part of a brief panel for The Flash at the massive DC FanDome event. Though it only lasted for 10 minutes, Miller and his current (and likely final) director Andy Muschietti (It, It Chapter Two) did show off concept art for the new Flash suit.

One of them is above. The second image is below, and it has something very special in it:

Flash and Batman

Hell yeah, Batman! The Flash director Andy Muschietti describes the new superhero suit as being more organic, saying that there are streaks of light embedded throughout it. He also confirms that the new suit is designed by Barry Allen’s new friend, Bruce Wayne… which, we assume, is how Ben Affleck will return to the DCEU.

Bruce was very intrigued by Barry’s homemade suit in Justice League. But of course, following the team’s battle against Steppenwolf and Darkseid, Barry is going to need an upgrade, and he’s going to get this one before he attempts to go back in time and change his dark past.

Here’s what else Muschietti was able to share about The Flash. It’s definitely a time-travel movie, and Flash (Ezra Miller) will be using his unique ability to go back and change his past. But the more that he messes with, the more he alters the space-time fabric. Screenwriter Christina Hodson confirms that it’s not a clear-cut “change one thing, produce another thing” the way that time travel normally works. Instead, it will open up the Multiverse, and all that means for the DCEU.

The team, during their DC FanDome panel, also confirmed that The Flash will be very important to the existence of the rest of the films in the DC universe. Because all of the heroes exist in different DC bubbles, The Flash working as a lynchpin allows for possible collaborations between characters who wouldn’t normal interact.

We have a while to wait until The Flash is in theaters. They haven’t even begun filming yet, but it was encouraging to see the production put a foot forward and show up at DC FanDome, with confidence in the script and confirmation that Ezra Miller will be holding on to his role of Barry Allen in the DCEU.

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