Of Course, Tom Cruise’s Return To Mission: Impossible 7 Involves A Wild Motorcycle Stunt

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Alec Baldwin looks at Tom Cruise with a very puzzled look

For us mere mortals, the terms “dangerous,” “wild,” and dare we even say “impossible” are relatively high bars to clear. And yet, like some sort of crazed daredevil who’s never read the tale of Icarus, Tom Cruise has kept setting those particular bars ever higher with each action film he tackles. So of course, his return to filming on Mission: Impossible 7 involves an insane stunt with a motorcycle, which is all the more insane when you take into account the recent history of the production.

Photos from a pretty spectacular Mission: Impossible 7 set-piece have, of course, made their way online. And in the photos shown by The Daily Mail, the name of the game is bike stunts, as you can see Tom Cruise speeding along a section of track, which leads to a pretty sick stunt jump. Cruise jumps off of the bike in mid-air, dressed in what looks like tactical gear, and eventually finds himself suspended by the cable he’s attached to.

For you Mission: Impossible 7 fans tracking recent developments, yes, this is the same stunt that recently saw a rather unfortunate mishap cause a non-lethal fire, and was presumed to be a pretty big setback. At about a week and a half after that test yielded an undesirable result, Tom Cruise was able to take the ramp and deliver this absolutely insane stunt. Which is pretty much par for the course on a Cruise-starring blockbuster, though that particular phase in the actor’s career seems to be coming to a close sooner than we’d think.

In perhaps the most bold announcement that has been made in this particular story is the fact that if sources close to Tom Cruise are accurate, it looks like Mission: Impossible 8 will be even more of a landmark film than we thought. This is because, according to those sources, Cruise doesn’t want to be doing the hard-hitting stunt work he currently does once he hits 60. With the eighth film slated for release in November 2022, and Tom Cruise’s 60th birthday being in July of that same year, the fuse looks to be running short when it comes to insane Cruise-ian action.

Not to mention, this news from the currently-in-production set of Mission: Impossible 7 has some intense implications for other films. With his untitled space adventure with director Doug Liman seeing him go beyond the wild blue yonder, as well as an Edge of Tomorrow sequel, being two of the projects fans would probably ask the most questions about, one has to wonder how those movies could be affected by the fact that Tom Cruise has now allegedly put a deadline on his days of stunt-driven thunder.

For now though, Tom Cruise is going to keep doing the stunts he’s become famous for, and knowing his personal work ethic, we’ll see quite a few more death-defying feats before he calls cut on the hard stuff. Which is good, considering Mission: Impossible 7 is slated for release on November 19, 2021, with Mission: Impossible 8 lighting its fuse on November 4, 2022.

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