Tom Cruise Has Three 'Obscene' Stunts Planned For Mission: Impossible 7

Ethan Hunt hanging from a helicopter

The Mission: Impossible series is arguably the best franchise going and last year we learned that the series will continue with at least two more entries on the way. That means more spycraft, more betrayals, more incredible action and yes, more stunts. Impressive and dangerous stunts are a hallmark of the Mission: Impossible franchise and Tom Cruise has three ‘obscene’ stunts planned for Mission: Impossible 7, as writer-director Christopher McQuarrie explained:

We've figured out three obscene things that he's doing that I'm terrified of, that make the helicopter chase look like tinker toys.

There’s a natural escalation that comes with any ongoing action franchise and it sounds like Mission: Impossible 7 will once again up the ante in the stunt department. Christopher McQuarrie said that they’ve figured out not one, not two, but three new stunts that will be used in the film. And because Mission: Impossible and especially Tom Cruise, don’t do small, these stunts all fall into the category of ‘obscene’ according to the writer-director.

The Mission: Impossible franchise is interesting because unlike many other movies, the locations and set-pieces are figured out first before the nitty gritty story details are ironed out. That flexibility allows them to adapt the story as needed to suit the film’s big moments. At least three of those big stunt moments have already been figured out and by the sound of it, they will be suitably epic.

Christopher McQuarrie told The Empire Podcast that he’s actually terrified of the three things they have planned. That’s notable considering that Christopher McQuarrie already directed both Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Mission: Impossible Fallout and oversaw the ridiculous stunts in both of those films. So for these new stunts to give a seasoned vet like him such anxiety must mean they’re pretty wild.

Now I know what you’re thinking, he’s going to space right? Well, no. Despite the space race that my head tells me is going on between the Mission: Impossible, Fast & Furious and Jumanji franchises, Christopher McQuarrie refuted those rumors. Yet, while space may be the final frontier, there are still unexplored options for risking Tom Cruise’s life here on land.

These three obscene stunts will apparently make the helicopter chase in Mission: Impossible Fallout, during which Tom Cruise impressively piloted his own helicopter, look like child’s play. It really does spark the imagination to try and figure out what that would even be.

It seems that Tom Cruise’s imagination has no problems coming up with this stuff though. We’ve previously heard that the star, who has played Ethan Hunt since the first Mission: Impossible back in 1996, had big ideas in mind for these new movies and this just seems to confirm that they are being incorporated. Christopher McQuarrie previously called them “world-topping shit.”

So we are in store for some world-topping, obscene shit with the stunts in Mission: Impossible 7. Can 2021 hurry up already? At this point, it sounds like the biggest obstacle to Mission: Impossible 8 is Tom Cruise surviving Mission: Impossible 7.

In addition to the madman that is Tom Cruise and his enabler Christopher McQuarrie, there are also some other exciting names involved with Mission: Impossible 7. Nicholas Hoult and Hayley Atwell are joining the cast and we recently learned that Vanessa Kirby would be returning as will Henry Czerny, who played Eugene Kittredge in the original movie.

You should definitely choose to accept this mission when Mission: Impossible 7 opens in theaters on July 23, 2021. For movies arriving just a bit sooner, check out our 2020 Release Schedule.

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