Ben Affleck's Batman: 7 Questions We Have About His Future In The DCEU

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The world seemed to shake when Ben Affleck, after seemingly turning his back on the role of Batman for good, was announced as to be coming back in writer/director Andy Muschietti’s The Flash. After proceeding to pump our fists triumphantly into the air, a lot of questions started to fill the air after learning this particular twist in the 2022 Warner Bros film. Namely, there are six very serious concerns surrounding the return of the Batfleck, and we’re going to share them with the class today. Don’t get us wrong, Ben Affleck’s return is good news, to be sure; but it’s a subject that has us thinking about more specific details, such as the following:

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How Long Is Ben Affleck’s Batman Back For?

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck left the role of Batman because of the muddy waters surrounding the DCEU, as well as the fact that he and those closest to him thought it would be bad for his health. So with this about face reported, and besides the obvious caveat that we hope Affleck is returning as Batman in happy and healthy fashion, we’re wondering if The Flash is a swan song for Ben Affleck’s Batman, or a potential stepping stone to something greater?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Bruce Wayne looking at Robin's suit on display

Will We Ever See The Pre-Batman v Superman Adventures Of Batfleck?

There is one line in 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice that keeps echoing in the wake of Ben Affleck’s return to the Caped Crusader’s adventures in the DC Comics cinematic world:

20 years in Gotham, Alfred. We've seen what promises are worth. How many good guys are left? How many stay that way?

While it might not be through a live-action film, or any kind of film really, there has to be a way to explore those earlier years in the canon of Ben Affleck’s Batman. Most importantly, the story of just what exactly happened to the iteration of Robin that existed in this universe is one moment of interest that would be great to see drawn into further detail.

Batman 1989 Bruce Wayne sitting in his chair, thinking

What Will Ben Affleck’s Batman Be Like Around His Multiversal Counterparts?

Batman is historically one of the least trusting heroes in the entire Justice League. A man who has a plan to take down every other member down, just in case, doesn’t make friends easily. Even after years in action, you have to wonder just how trusting Bruce Wayne would be of his other multiversal selves, as well as their styles of crime fighting. Also, seeing Ben Affleck questioning Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne in his sincerity could lead to an earth-shattering scene of moral conflict between two imposing figures.

The Batman Bruce Wayne, cowl off, makeup on

How Does This Particular Return Affect Other Batman Projects?

An obvious worry that’s hung around for some time is how between Ben Affleck’s role in The Flash, and the DCEU in general, and Robert Pattinson’s new variant of Gotham’s Dark Knight in his second year, are we reaching a point of too much Batman? Even with the fact that the Multiverse/Elseworlds model is in play, it’s still a very valid question, as depending on how long Affleck is planning on playing the role, some movie fans might end up confused as to which adventures fit where.

Zack Snyder's Justice League Batman appears in the graveyard

Could Zack Snyder’s Justice League Help Set Up Ben Affleck’s Return?

The Flash has been in development hell for so long, with various hands on the script and multiple directors being attached. With what feels like a firm commitment to Andy Muschietti, there’s new work obviously being done on this long in-process solo film. But now, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is receiving the finishing touches, and with Ben Affleck’s relationship to Ezra Miller’s Barry being a touchstone for this new film, how much does Muschietti know about Zack Snyder’s cut? One could assume he at least got notes from Snyder, or maybe even got to see the Snyder Cut, but the answer to this question will mean everything when it comes to continuity in this corner of the DCEU.

Justice League Commissioner Gordon waiting near the Bat Signal

Will Any Bat-Villains And/Or Commissioner Gordon Get Some Screentime In The Flash?

Our last two questions will deal with the other important characters that orbit Ben Affleck’s Batman. In particular, whether or not audiences will get to see more of any Bat-Villains planned for the DCEU’s extended Batfleck adventures. Starting with Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke and J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon, both of whom might have potential boosts to their roles in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the possibilities can span even further. Depending on how much of Ben Affleck’s Batman we see in The Flash, both possibilities are on the table.

Flashpoint Batman meet the Bat-Family

Will We See Ben Affleck's Bat-Family?

Zack Snyder clearly must have thoughts about what Ben Affleck’s Batman was like before Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as one of the greatest hints we’ve seen into the deeper story behind his current state is that of Robin’s untimely demise at the hands of The Joker. With that revelation, and Affleck’s return in the works, does this mean we could see other members of Batfleck’s Bat-Family? Anyone from Nightwing to Batgirl, or any other Bat Family members that have stepped up within those 20 years in Gotham, could be brought to the screen with the right approach. It all rests on whether the powers that be want to use those characters or not.

As The Flash won’t be out until 2022, our first indication as to where Ben Affleck’s Batman could be headed may come our way with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, when it drops in early-mid 2021; and the gap in-between those projects will be even more of a hotbed of questions pertaining to the future of this iteration of Gotham’s Bat. But with these questions acting as a bedrock of sorts, we’ll be even more ready to delve into what could be the extremely bright future of Affleck’s crimefighting career.

Until then, stay tuned to us here at CinemaBlend, as we’ll be keeping a close eye on just what sort of changes occur in the vast multiverse of DC Comics films; and as we all know, you never can tell what will happen next.

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