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Wait, Is Wonder Woman 1984 Being Delayed Yet Again?

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984

Movie delays have become much more commonplace since March thanks to the current health crisis wreaking havoc on the film business. Take Wonder Woman 1984, which, if 2020 had unfolded without any virus, would have come out in theaters in June and likely be close to hitting home media now. Instead, not only are we still weeks away from the sequel arriving, there’s word that it might be delayed yet again.

At the time of this writing, the plan is for Wonder Woman 1984 to come out on October 2. However, according to Deadline, due to movie theaters in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco still not being open, Warner Bros is contemplating bumping Wonder Woman 1984 to either November or late December.

Tenet is apparently also playing a role in this potential release date change. The latest Christopher Nolan feature kicked off its U.S theatrical run last week, and with Deadline’s sources estimating that New York and Los Angeles theaters won’t open until later this month or in early October, Warner Bros needs the tentpole picture to “make a big splash in those markets.” So moving Wonder Woman 1984 back would help improve Tenet’s odds of reeling in moviegoers in The Big Apple and City of Angels.

Should Wonder Woman 1984 be pushed back, this will likely result in Denis Villenueve’s Dune (which dropped its first trailer earlier today) being delayed to sometime in 2021. It should also be noted that there are reportedly “whispers” that Disney might move fellow superhero movie Black Widow from its November 6 release date. Should that happen, Wonder Woman 1984 could easily swoop in there, though it would only have a few weeks to itself before No Time to Die rolled in.

Assuming Wonder Woman 1984 gets moved again, that will be its sixth release date. Once upon a time, the sequel was scheduled for December 13, 2019, but then was moved up to November 1 of the same year. Then Warner Bros decided to hold Wonder Woman 1984 for June 5, 2020, meaning it would have come out basically three full years years after its predecessor. Once the pandemic got out of control, the studio shifted Diana of Themyscira’s next theatrical adventure to August 13 and moved it again to its current October slot.

Set 66 years after the events of the first Wonder Woman movie, Wonder Woman 1984 follows Diana Prince continuing to protect humanity and clashing against two distinct villains: Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord and Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Ann Minerva, who eventually transforms into The Cheetah. Diana will also reunite with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, who was thought to have died at the end of World War I, but is somehow still alive and looking just as youthful.

Feel free to rewatch the latest Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, which premiered at the DC FanDome virtual event, below:

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more updates concerning Wonder Woman 1984, including if it moves to another spot on the cinematic calendar. Don’t forget to scan through our DC movies guide to learn what else is coming from this corner of the superhero movie market.

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