Latest Avatar 2 Set Photo Features Sigourney Weaver In A Pool Of Ping Pong Balls, And It's Way More Than You'd Think

Avatar Sigourney Weaver deep in thought, in the lab

As James Cameron, his cast and crew are diligently working away on Avatar 2's production, we’ve received some pretty enlightening looks into the process that’s being used to bring us all back to the world of Pandora. With a water-y environment in that particular corner of the universe being where a good deal of the action is set to take place, things have looked a little bit wet around the ears as of late.

And this latest official set photo is no different, as acting legend Sigourney Weaver has been spotted in a rather familiar pool of ping pong balls. As you’ll see for yourself in that very post included below, there’s way more of them filling that very pool than you’d think:

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In a pair of photos released by the official Twitter feed to the Avatar saga, there has been some pretty exciting underwater action in store for Weaver, who we’ve known has been returning to the world of Avatar 2 for some time. That flood of ping pong balls we mentioned earlier is, of course, there for a very important reason. While not much to write home about individually, the whole lot serves as a floating safety net to protect the underwater filming of Sigourney Weaver, and the rest of the Avatar 2 cast, from the glare of the lights above the water’s surface. Which means the action under the sea will look as crisp and exciting as James Cameron wants it to look, before digitally creating the brand new world we’ll be seeing in the future.

While it’s uncertain how Sigourney Weaver will return for the Avatar sequels, we do have our first clues as to where that possibility might take us, as she’s not only suited up with the proper attire for prolonged diving, but Ms. Weaver is also sporting some mo-cap accoutrements as well. Though her human character, Dr. Grace Augustine, was sadly killed in Avatar, her essence was “downloaded” into the collective memory banks of Pandora’s organic computing structure. With those memories safely stored in the planet, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to see Grace come back through a newly grown Na’vi body.

That just brings the eventual reminder that Avatar 2’s production schedule, and consequently its release date, were delayed yet again during this past summer season. While the gears are turning pretty regularly for the continuation of James Cameron’s grand sci-fi vision, it’s comforting to see that there is indeed an Avatar sequel to look forward to. And from the looks of it, Sigourney Weaver is having a lot of fun being a part of whatever this mysterious future holds.

Avatar 2 kicks off a slate of several sequels in its current release window of December 2022, but you don’t have to wait much longer to see what’s coming down the road in 2021. Check out next year’s release schedule, and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for further updates on the progress of the world of Pandora!

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