Zack Snyder's Justice League Teases A Part Of JunkieXL's Thunderous Score

Superman dying in Justice League

Little by little, the major pieces of Zack Snyder’s Justice League are coming together before the movie makes its debut on HBO Max in 2021. A huge component of that was meant to be contributed by composer Tom Holkenborg, aka JunkieXL. Today, during the second day of the DC FanDome event, Junkie played fans a section of his score… a tease of music that will be played during an action sequence with the entire Justice League. Want to hear it?

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Tom Holkenborg was one of the original collaborators on Zack Snyder’s universe whose work was removed when Joss Whedon took over for Snyder. The score composed by JunkieXL was replaced by a Danny Elfman score, which leaned heavily on musical cues that Elfman did for previous Batman movies. Not bad, mind you. Just… not what Snyder and Holkenborg had intended.

The music in the above clip is much closer, in there, to the music that JunkieXL did with Hans Zimmer in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You can hear the pounding, tribal drums that Zimmer utilized in Man of Steel, with an increased emphasis on synth that JunkieXL has used on films scores for movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Alita: Battle Angel.

You could easily see how this Justice League score sample builds off of the music you hear in this scene from Batman v Superman.

But the fans who fought so hard for three years to get the Snyder Cut of Justice League restored have reason to celebrate even SEEING JunkieXL be part of an event like DC FanDome. One of the main reasons that the Snyder Cut community fought to see the real Justice League is because they thought that artists like Tom Holkenborg deserved to have the work that they did on the movie revived. They fought for artistic integrity, and viewed it as a slight that artists like JunkieXL just saw their work chucked aside in favor of haphazard replacements.

Here’s the part that’s slightly painful, to us. I, personally, don’t want all of the Snyder Cut of Justice League revealed in dribs and drabs. We got a fantastic trailer for the Snyder Cut on day one of DC FanDome. We have seen images, and now have a portion of the score. Now it’s OK for us to go into total lockdown. Let Snyder finish his cut, and tell us when to tune into HBO Max for episode one of the four-part mini-series movie. We’re ready. We’ve waited this long. It’s time!

We’re still waiting to find out when Zack Snyder’s Justice League will reach HBO Max. Hopefully that announcement comes sometime soon. Every time we turn around, another movie is being removed from the film slate. Wouldn’t it be amazing if HBO Max got the Snyder Cut on our television sets much sooner than much later?

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