Zack Snyder Drops First Snyder Cut Video With Shots Of Cyborg And Resurrected Superman

Henry Cavill in Snyder Cut

We are two days away from Zack Snyder’s DC FanDome panel, where the director will show off a full trailer for the version of his movie that will be coming to HBO Max is 2021. But you don’t want to wait two more days to see footage, do you? Surely not. Well, Snyder has you covered. Here’s the first video footage from the Snyder Cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. HYPE!

Zack Snyder is a master marketer. While other DC directors have pre-recorded their segments and are patiently waiting for the Saturday, August 22 panel at DC FanDome, Snyder has been ringing the bells to get his fandom primed for a massive reveal during his Snyder Cut presentation. He has spent this entire week sharing exclusive images from his upcoming version of Justice League, which have included photos of the pending Hall of Justice, Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) in his football gear, and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in the heat of battle.

But this… THIS finally qualifies as the first official look at the teaser that Snyder plans on showing at DC FanDome, and we’re prepared for the Internet to melt down following its presentation.

Now, let’s analyze what we are seeing in this VERY short clip. The focus of the trailer on Saturday may very well concentrate on the resurrected Superman (Henry Cavill) and his battle in front of the monument erected in the Man of Steel’s honor. We see Cavill in the clip, which means Snyder will not spend his time in the trailer dancing around the “will he or won’t he be back?” And we see what looks to be a burning tank hurtling towards a police officer. We know that Cyborg is going to stop it and save the man.

Also, we get that shot of the feet of the Justice League members arriving at the scene to confront a resurrected Kal-El.

Justice League feet

So don’t be surprised – and this is pure speculation – if the trailer opens up with Superman approaching the monument, then turning to face off against the League. You can see that Snyder has maintained that evening hue that he always maintained for that fight sequence (as opposed to the daylight saturation that replacement director Joss Whedon brought to his reshot scene). So this scene may play out better and breathe in the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

And now, we’ll focus on the upcoming DC FanDome. Or, perhaps, Zack Snyder will have one more video tease ready for Friday. “In one day…” Knowing Zack, he’s going to use every possible opportunity to drum up buzz for his version of Justice League, the Snyder Cut of the movie that was taken away from him in 2017. This victory lap simply cannot last long enough.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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