Keanu Reeves Talks Keeping Up His Gym Physique When Matrix 4 Shut Down

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

The past few years have seen nostalgia dominate the entertainment industry. And as a result, countless long awaited sequels and reboots have found their way to theaters. One of those upcoming projects is Lana Wachowski's mysterious Matrix 4 movie, which will feature a mixture of new and familiar faces. Keanu Reeves is back playing Neo, and he recently revealed how he managed to stay in shape during the months-long break of filming.

Production on The Matrix 4 was in full production when the COVID-19 pandemic closed sets around the world. Filming has since picked back up, with the strong ensemble of actors flying overseas to continue work on the highly anticipated blockbuster. Keanu Reeves recently opened up about returning to set, and how he managed to stay in Neo shape over the break. As Reeves put it,

I was in Germany and then everything was shutting down when I flew back to Los Angeles and was there about eight weeks. I maintained training with the people I was working with in Berlin. So we had a private gym facility and a couple instructors. Kept training, keeping the role alive.

Sounds about right. It's not easy to take weeks off in the middle of filming a movie, especially something as physical and ambitious as Matrix 4. As such, Keanu Reeves had to do all he could to remain tethered to his signature character. That includes both his mind and body.

Keanu Reeves shared his routine to stay in shape for The Matrix 4 on The Kelly Clarkson Show. While appearing with Alex Winter to help promote Bill and Ted Face the Music, the conversation eventually turned to Reeves' highly anticipated return to the Matrix franchise. Keanu is back in Germany to resume filming for the mysterious sequel, but he spent a chunk of time at home trying to stay focused on the task at hand.

The Matrix franchise is know for its intense action sequences, with dizzying fight choreography and crazy stunts. And as the leading character Neo, this requires a ton of exhausting work from Keanu Reeves himself. So while the weeks at home in Los Angeles might have bee more restful, the 56 year-old actor had to continue working out his body and mind to stay Matrix ready.

Currently there's no indication exactly what Lana Wachowski has in store for The Matrix 4. The movie's story is a complete mystery, although it will somehow involve the original cast. This is most curious for both Neo and Trinity sacrificed themselves throughout the course of The Matrix Revolutions. But it looks like the battle between man and machine hasn't quite ended.

While the plot is a mystery, the cast and crew of The Matrix 4 has been universally praising Lana Wachowski's vision. She's back to write and helm the upcoming blockbuster, which will reportedly feature some absolute bonkers action sequences. Before the set was shut down there were massive explosions and stunts filming in San Francisco. Only time will tell how those sequences figure into the story.

The Matrix 4 is currently set to arrive in theaters April 1st, 2022. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
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