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Christopher Nolan Handwrites Travis Scott A Sweet Note As Rapper’s New Video Gets IMAX Debut


Movie theaters are still closed in large portions of the country, but if you are in a place where a movie theater is available to you, and you are willing to go, there are some movies that you'll only find there. Chief among them is Christopher Nolan's Tenet. The director insisted that his film be given the full theatrical experience, and now, it's being given a little something extra, as select IMAX showings of Tenet now also include the music video for Travis Scott's "Franchise."

Christopher Nolan actually sent Travis Scott a handwritten note congratulating him on the video and the IMAX debut. Scott shared the note on Twitter, and Nolan himself is looking forward to checking it out.

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It's difficult to tell what Christopher Nolan is more excited about here. Is he looking forward to the music video and hearing the song, or is he more into the craft of it all? Nolan himself is known for his dedication to the art of filmmaking, and the director makes a point about the fact that the Travis Scott music video was apparently shot on actual film, and that he's looking forward to seeing and hearing the video via the IMAX technology, which we know that Nolan himself is a big fan of using.

The decision to debut the Travis Scott music video in theaters seems almost certainly to be an attempt to draw more people into theaters. Tenet has been the one major studio release to actually open exclusively in theaters domestically, but that has severely limited the film's reach because many theaters are still closed, and many potential audience members aren't ready to return to theaters even in places where the movie is available. Tenet has only grossed $36 million domestically, though the movie has done well internationally due to the fact that things are more under control and more theaters are open, giving the movie a global box office of $251 million, which is respectable, at least under the circumstances.

Of course, Travis Scott likely has a lot of very serious fans who might be tempted to make the trip just to see the video, and if you've seen Tenet in theaters once already, and liked it enough to want to see it again, there's at least now another potential reason to consider that trip.

Still, as more theaters open up in more places Tenet will become more available, and it's possible that Christopher Nolan's film will still ultimately do as well as it was expected to do originally, it just might take a bit longer to get there.

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