The Story Of Adam Sandler Signing A Bag Of His Hair For A Fan Does Not End How You’d Guess

Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner in Uncut Gems (2019)

In many cases, fans can be extremely passionate and show that enthusiasm in a myriad of ways. Sometimes it’s flattering but, at other times, it can be somewhat “unusual,” to say the least. Adam Sandler, for instance, once had a very interesting encounter with a fan that involved a bag of his own hair. And if you think the start of the situation sounds odd, then the ending will really throw you for a loop.

Adam Sandler recently recalled that after leaving a haircut, he received a strange request from a young fan. After leaving the barber, a boy approached him with a bag of hair from the haircut and actually asked Sandler to sign it for him:

I had a person one time, I was leaving a haircut. And a kid came out with a bag of my haircut and asked me to sign that, and I did that.

Even though Adam Sandler was probably surprised to be signing a bag of his own hair, it was still nice of him to do it for the fan. Later that evening, however, Sandler would discover something very interesting while surfing the internet:

On the Internet that night, he was selling it and saying 'Adam Sandler's pubic hair.' It's a true story. I bought them back for $65.

I think it goes without saying that Adam Sandler’s story, which he told on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, may be one of the wildest encounters any celebrity has ever had with a fan. It’s also made funnier by the fact that the comedian ultimately just ended up with the bag after having paid for it. But of course, buying back your own hair (which was being advertised as pubic hair) is so on brand for Adam Sandler.

The fact that Adam Sandler would offer to sign the bag in the first place actually doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Many of his friends and colleagues can attest to just how nice of a guy he is both on and off set. Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, who got to perform a song with Sandler on the show, praised “the Sandman” as one of the most caring people he’s met.

This sense of warmth also extends to the set of Adam Sandler’s films. Lauren Lapkus starred in The Wrong Missy, which was produced by Sandler’s Happy Madison production banner, and she could only praise the family-like atmosphere on the set. Frequent Sandler collaborator Kevin James also noted just how nice it is to reunite with his good friend on a new project.

There’s a chance not many of us would be eager to sign a bag of our own hair if asked, but Adam Sandler is just kind enough to do it. Still, I can’t help but wonder what he ended up doing with that bag after buying It back.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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