An Adam Sandler Fan Analyzed His Movies And Wrote A Plot To Help Fulfill His Promise To Make The Worst Movie Ever

Adam Sandler in the Do-Over

Adam Sandler has had an incredibly prolific career in the world of comedy. However, it's hard to make as many movies as Sandler has and have the quality be entirely top notch. As such, Sandler has made many movies that fans have loved, and critics have, at the very least tolerated, but he's also made some films that are pretty universally viewed as stinkers. And one Adam Sandler may have just come up with the worst idea yet, entirely on purpose.

One recent film that doesn't fit the traditional Adam Sandler mold was Uncut Gems. The movie saw significant awards consideration and Sandler's performance was particularly praised. There was talk of an Oscar nomination for the former SNL star, and Sandler joked that if he didn't get the nod, he was going to respond by making the worst movie ever as punishment. Well, the nomination didn't happen, and now somebody has gone ahead and come up with what might just be the worst Adam Sandler movie ever.

The film, in all its terrible glory, was created by Reddit user LundgrensFrontKick and they put some serious work into figuring out just what makes an Adam Sandler movie bad, and then this new project was populated with everything that has never worked in a Sandler movie. By reviewing Sandler's filmography and looking at which films have the worst scores on both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, a plan was put together and that plan is called Jacked Up.

The movie would star Adam Sandler as a personal trainer who goes to Costa Rica for a high school reunion, only for it to be attacked by terrorists, led by Rob Schneider. Sandler's character, named Jack Goodheart, because of course, uses his physical abilities to fight the terrorists, alongside his wife, who is also played by Adam Sandler.

Let's be honest, if I had told you that was the premise of Adam Sandler's next Netflix movie, you'd probably have no reason not to believe me. Sure it's crazy, but what terrible Adam Sandler movie isn't? Even some of the good ones sound this nuts.

What's much more methodical was the structure of coming up with this idea. Jacked Up not only has a synopsis, but every aspect of the film has been considered. The film would be directed by Dennis Dugan and written by Tim Herlihy, two frequent Sandler collaborators who have made some less than stellar movies with him. Though it should be pointed out that both also worked on Happy Gilmore, so not everything they touch is bad.

Every aspect of the story has been vetted for badness, however. Why does Adam Sandler play his own wife? Because Jack & Jill is generally agreed to be the worst Sandler movie ever. Why does the film take place in Costa Rica? Because most of Sandler's recent Netflix output has him traveling to beautiful locations, and those films have not been received well. For the record, Jacked Up would also be a Netflix movie. The film is a PG-13 action-comedy because his PG-13 films are viewed poorly compared to his R rated content, and his movies with action do worse than the straight comedies.

It has to be said that however bad some of Adam Sandler's movies might be, the man clearly has some amazingly devoted fans. This isn't even the first time somebody has gone to extreme lengths for a Sandler movie, earlier this year another fan released their own script for Grown-Ups 3.

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