Star Wars: The High Republic’s Opening Crawl Was Revealed, So Bring On The Jedi

Star Wars: The High Republic concept art

The future of Star Wars on the big screen is a big question mark right now. Luckily, for fans, there are plenty of other places to get your Star Wars fix these days. The second season of The Mandalorian is only a few weeks from getting underway, and a massive new initiative from Star Wars' publishing partners is getting closer to reality. The High Republic promises to take us to a new era in the Star Wars universe that we've never seen before, and the newest tease for the project is here in the form of a classic Star Wars text crawl designed to set the scene.

The general set up of The High Republic is that it will be set a few hundred years before the events of the prequels, where, as the title suggests, the Galactic Republic, and by association, the Jedi Order, is at the height of its strength. As the story begins, there are no major threats facing the Republic, of course, it wouldn't be a very exciting story if that remained the same, and so the text crawl, which one assumes will appear in some of the first High Republic books, teases readers that something new is on the way. Check it out.

The High Republic crawl

In addition to the looming threat described in the crawl, we know that the High Republic will also deal with some sort of galactic cataclysm which takes place that the Republic will need to respond to and deal with the repercussions from.

The opening crawl is posted to the official Star Wars website, where concept art and other looks at The High Republic can be found. The publishing initiative will cover comics as well as traditional novels, with works designed for young readers and well as more traditional novels. Since the setting of the series will be hundreds of years before the part of Star Wars that we know, it will be made up of entirely new characters, though we have seen an image of a much younger Yoda who will play a part in the story.

We've been getting a slow drip-feed of details about The High Republic over the last few weeks and months. Originally, we were expecting to see the first set of books this year, but as with nearly everything else, the release was delayed. The first books and comics are now set to release in January 2021.

With Star Wars movies now pushed back for a few years, and no idea what those movies will even be when they arrive, we'll have to use books and television to get our Star Wars fix. This whole series sounds really exciting and I'm certainly looking forward to checking it out.

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