Spiral's Chris Rock Shares One Big Reason Movie Theaters Won't Die Off

Chris Rock in Spiral

It's been an unprecedented year, especially in the world of entertainment. Ongoing health concerns have resulted in countless movies being pushed back, some over a year. Studios are hoping to hold off until theaters can fully reopen, but there are some concerns that the industry might never recover from the months of closures and small turn outs. But actor/comedian Chris Rock recently addressed these concerns, and explained a big reason why the theaters will never be truly gone.

Chris Rock has had a long career as an actor, including recent roles in Dolemite is My Name, the new season of Fargo, and the upcoming horror movie Spiral. He's also a producer on the latter project, which was delayed a full year due COVID-19 pandemic. And while some are worried about the future of the industry, Rock recently explained why the theater aren't going anywhere, saying:

I don’t think movies are dead. I think Noah is absolutely right that studios want ten hours of something. But never underestimate that movies are part of a mating ritual. That’s just what humans do. We go to movies. And it’s still the most affordable part of the mating ritual that there is. It’s cheaper than going to any sports game, it’s cheaper than theater. People need to get out of the house and that hasn’t been replaced. So I don’t think movies are going anywhere.

Well, there you have it. Chris Rock seems to have faith in the movie industry, namely because going to theaters has been so apart of the culture for so long. It's the place where dates happen, and relationships are cemented with a common experience. And it's this reason why he thinks that the theaters will be able to recover once movies are being released regularly and people are assembling in large groups.

Chris Rock's comments to Deadline show his specific take on these wild times for the film industry. Countless movies have been pushed back at this time point, with only a handful of new releases hitting theaters and drive-ins. Theater chains have instead been releasing classic favorites to make up for the lack of new content, as moviegoers begin attending showings again.

Horror fans are eager to see what Chris Rock will do with the Saw spinoff Spiral, which he stars and produces. Rock is also credited for the upcoming movie's story, so he's intimately involved in the mysterious project. As a reminder, you can check out the first trailer for Spiral: From The Book of Saw below.

Unfortunately, the wait for Spiral is going to be longer than anticipated. While it was originally set to hit theaters this past May, Lionsgate and company have since pushed it back a full year. The Saw franchise has never been far from theaters, but this new installment seemingly brings something new to the property, and boast a strong cast. Joining Chris Rock is the great Samuel L. Jackson, Handmaids's Tale actor Max Minghella and Riverdale's Marisol Nichols.

Only time will tell how both studios and theater chains continue to move forward, especially as so many of the major blockbusters will no longer be hitting theaters anytime soon. Because while movies like Mulan have been brought straight to homes, there are a ton of projects that need to their proper home on the big screen. Only time will tell when that might be.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw will hit theaters on May 21st, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your trips to the movies next year.

Corey Chichizola
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