Blake Lively Is Roasting Ryan Reynolds For His Birthday Choices, But He’s Right

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds recently had a birthday and while he received a lot of well-wishes from both friends and fans alike, it seems that the recent celebration has actually revealed a source of tension between the Deadpool actor and his wife Blake Lively. The actress posted images of Reynolds' birthday dessert, and while the traditional celebratory sweet for birthdays comes in the form of cake, it seems Ryan Reynolds prefers pie, and Blake Lively just doesn't get it.

Blake Lively calls out her husband, all in good fun, of course, for what she sees as a pair of significant flaws in his character. First, that he prefers pie to cake for his birthday, and second, that he apparently dug into said pie without even blowing out the candles. Check out a couple of pictures of the, absolutely delicious-looking, pie below.

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While I can support Blake Lively, on the candle issue, leaving your dessert on fire while eating it does strike me as a bad idea, otherwise, I need to side with team Reynolds here, because clearly, pie is superior to cake in nearly every conceivable way. It can be produced using real fruit, such as apples or cherries, or it can be made as a more smooth textured dessert, such as key lime or lemon meringue. Cake is just...cake. It's often too dry, frosting seems to be almost always too sweet. And buttercream frosting is too heavy. It certainly can be done well, I'm not saying every cake ever has been bad, but dessert is far too important to be left to chance. Even if you end up with bad pie crust, you can still eat the part of the pie inside the crust and still be happy.  Also, ice cream is almost always better alongside pie.

And get out of here with your cheesecake and your ice cream cakes, we all know those aren't really cakes in the traditional "birthday cake" sense, so they don't count.

Blake Lively is clearly a fan of traditional birthday cake, but the beauty of one's birthday is that they get to be in control and can usually have whatever they want. Ryan Reynolds may be largely crazy when it comes to many things, but he's absolutely correct on this debate. As somebody who served pie rather than cake at his own wedding, I support all of this. Who would eat cake when pie is available?

But perhaps Ryan Reynolds and I are in more of a minority than I think. Where are you on the birthday cake vs. pie debate? Let us know in the poll below.

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