Hugh Jackman Just Shared An Awesome Deadpool Photo For Ryan Reynolds' Birthday

Deadpool and Logan revitalized the superhero genre for X-Men characters, with a new grit and boldness we hadn't seen from Marvel films in a while. Its stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman also have incredible chemistry with one another so cute and adorable that this picture exists. Check it:

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Is it just me, or are Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman relationship goals? Jackman's sweet tweet was in honor of the actor's birthday today, poking fun of how Jackman has a reputation of being super nice and Reynolds likes to spew his dark and deadpan humor wherever he goes. Looks like Reynolds gets a free hug from his friend the Wolverine today if he wants to cash it in.

Now to the sweet embrace with Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool suit, and Hugh Jackman in a bathrobe. The picture was taken while the cameras were rolling on a video shown at CinemaCon in April, which had Deadpool bantering with Jackman in his hotel room. While only the lucky audiences of the convention witnessed the clip, Jackman did tweet out a hilarious video of Jackman recording a video message as Deadpool sang the likes of "Tomorrow" from Annie and "Who Let the Dogs Out" in the background likely shot in between filming.

Hugh Jackman is the object of quite a few jokes in Deadpool, ranging from the superhero using a mask of the actor's face, to quips about his iconic character Wolverine. It's all in good fun since the two actors are good friends who have collaborated in little appearances together, showing off their perfect dynamic. A photo such as this is enough to get any fan spiraling into daydreams of how a Deadpool/ Wolverine movie would be like. Reynolds has expressed his interest for quite some time to work with Jackman in a Deadpool flick, but since the actor decided to hang up his claws after Logan, it would take a whole lot of convincing for that to happen.

Ryan Reynolds recently said he would even cast Hugh Jackman as himself in the next Deadpool, if it meant they could work together on a Marvel project. Considering how the franchise often breaks the fourth wall and always goes with a wacky tone, I could easily see some sort of hilarious dream sequence of some kind, including Jackman to finally show off their chemistry on the big screen.

On Ryan Reynolds 42nd birthday, the actor has a lot to celebrate considering his long-running acting career and current high status on the Marvel movie spectrum. After Deadpool 2 scored big at the box office over the summer, the movie is even returning to theaters this holiday season for a PG-13 release with the working title The Deadpool Before Christmas reportedly on December 21.

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