Paul Rudd Handed Out Cookies To Early Voters, Because He’s Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in Ant-Man
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This election year, Hollywood must have some kind of inside bet to see how far they will go to get Americans excited to vote. With less than a week left until votes are counted for local issues, officials and the President of the United States, citizens are now starting to vote in person across the country. Paul Rudd took to the streets to award them with cookies… naturally.

The Ant-Man actor is obviously a wholesome king who keeps giving us reasons to love him more. Paul Rudd was spotted on the streets of Brooklyn in front of the Barclays Center with cookies to give out to voters in line. Check him out below:

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Did I mention this happened in the rain? Amidst the New York storm and busy city streets, Paul Rudd came up to voters on Thursday just to “say thank you for coming out, voting and doing your part.” The actor also stopped and took some photos with fans such as this one:

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After sharing the viral video on Twitter, Brian Rosenworcel said that the cookie he received from the Avengers actor was blueberries ‘n cream, which sounds delicious. Rudd was accompanied by All Good Things director Andrew Jarecki, who both showed their support to voters leaving the polls in raincoats and umbrellas in hand. During his cookie giveaway, Rudd told NowThis that he believes voting should be easy and accessible to Americans. Of course, the internet loved his gesture:

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Celebrities have been doing all sorts of things to promote voting during the 2020 election in the past few months. This week, Jack Black performed his version of Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “Time Warp” with his band Tenacious D and Susan Surandon. Actors including Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock and Josh Gad got naked to also bring attention to the importance of voting by November 3.

In September, Paul Rudd filmed a funny video for New York City governor Andrew M. Cuomo to deliver a message about wearing masks during the pandemic. He joked he was a “certified young person” because he doesn’t age, obviously. He used young people's buzzwords like “fam,” “Billie Eilish” and “TikTok” to get across the message about public health.

Paul Rudd is certainly doing his best to get involved with his New York community right now, and it’s not only adorable, but inspiring to see. The actor had every excuse in the world not to go on a busy street and hand out cookies to strangers, but there he was. The actor will star next in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, now heading to theaters next summer. Stick with us here for more updates on how Ant-Man will fit into the MCU moving forward. Check out CinemaBlend’s list of the upcoming MCU slate in the meantime.

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