Jack Black Performed Rocky Horror’s Time Warp To Encourage Voting, With Susan Sarandon And More

Jack Black Tenacious D Time Warp

This year's Halloween celebrations are obviously going to be a lot different than normal – and that very much goes for the tribe of Rocky Horror Picture Show fans as well. Screening the cult film has become an annual tradition for many around the time of All Hallows Eve, but folks won't be able to celebrate in typical fashion because of heath concerns related to the pandemic. Obviously that's a total bummer for many, many reasons – but now Tenacious D is here to turn that frown upside-down with an amazing performance of "Time Warp" featuring a slew of celebrity cameos:

In an act of killing two birds with one stone, the team of Jack Black and Kyle Gass a.k.a. the band Tenacious D has released this video – which not only scratches our itch to celebrate Rocky Horror Picture Show and get out the word about participating in the national election that is now just a few days away. The performance was done in coordination with Rock The Vote, and if you would like to further support democracy while also getting a very cool piece of media, you can pre-order a limited edition vinyl copy on Kung Fu Merch.

For the excellent, rocking rendition of "Time Warp," Jack Black and Kyle Gass are joined by bandmates John Spiker, John Konesky, Scott Seiver, Will Herrington, and Jessie Payo, but obviously that's not all. Being well connected in Hollywood, Tenacious D was able to get a number of actors, filmmakers, musicians and politicians in on the action, with the short clip boasting a cast list including Jamie Lee Curtis, Ezra Miller, Eric Andre, Karen O, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Sarah Silverman, Ilana Glazer, and more. Of course, the big "get" is Susan Sarandon, who, of course, starred in The Rocky Horror Picture Show back in the mid-1970s.

There is a hell of a lot to appreciate about this video, starting with the fact that it's an instant smile-inducer, but can we take a moment just to specifically highlight Jack Black's costume changes? I know it's possible that he just purchased all of the appropriate wigs and get-ups in preparation for the recording, but there is something deep in my heart that is holding on to the possibility that he just happened to have all of that costuming in his house just waiting to be utilized.

It obviously won't be the same as watching the movie in a crowded theater perfectly well-versed in all of the callbacks, joining fellow fans in screaming, "In the beginning God said 'Let There Be Lips' as the projector starts up, but Rocky Horror fans can still celebrate the film this Halloween season. The bizarre sci-fi sex comedy is available to purchase digitally at various online retailers, and depending on where you live it's not too late to purchase a physical copy – either Blu-ray or DVD – before the holiday this Saturday.

But most importantly of all: please VOTE!

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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