Even More Of The Disneyland Resort Will Be Reopening Before The End Of The Year

Grand Californian At Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort has been having a much tougher time than all of the other Disney theme parks around the world. While all other parks have been allowed to reopen to one degree or another, Disneyland's theme parks have remain closed continuously since March, with only the Downtown Disney shopping and dining district being allowed to welcome back guests. However, next week we'll see part of Disney California Adventure reopen for shopping and dining as an "extension" of Downtown Disney, and now the first Disneyland hotel rooms since March are set to reopen in December, though only if you're a member of the Disney Vacation Club.

The section of the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, set aside for the Disney Vacation Club Villas are set to reopen on December 6 according to BlogMickey. This will mark the first Disneyland Resort rooms to be open since all three resort hotels closed in March. Of course, for those who do jump to be among the first to stay in the new villas, all the guests will likely be able to do is visit Downtown Disney, as there is no indication that Disneyland or Disney California Adventure will be able to open by next month. In the announcement, it's confirmed that the rest of the Grand Californian, as well as the Disneyland Hotel and the Paradise Pier hotel, will remain closed until a later date.

Disneyland has been trying to reopen since the summer, and has been very public in its displeasure with the guidelines set out by the state, that will likely keep the theme parks closed for the next several months. However, perhaps because of that, Disneyland Resort has begun to find ways to open more of the resort, which has both put more people back to work and helped to reduce the economic strain that Disneyland Resort is feeling. Beginning November 19, a section of Disney California Adventure will reopen as part of Downtown Disney, so while attractions will remain shuttered, shopping and dining locations will be open.

Now, DVC members that want to be able to experience as much of Disneyland as is possible, can plan a trip and have a place to stay that allows them to use their dormant vacation club points. The Grand Californian is currently the only DVC location at Disneyland Resort. A new tower at the Disneyland Hotel meant for DVC members is currently planned, but it's years away from completion.

While there are no indications that there are plans to reopen any more of the resort hotels, in the same way there are no plans to open more of the theme parks to shopping and dining, if there is overwhelming positive response to these reopenings it seems unlikely that more won't be possible.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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