How A Freaky Sequel Could Follow In the Footsteps Of The Happy Death Day Movies

Blumhouse Studios’ latest is Freaky, a horror comedy that chops up the body swap hilarity of Freaky Friday with the slasher fun of Friday the 13th movies into a slaughterhouse of a good time. The new release is writer/director Christopher Landon’s first followup since the cult favorite Happy Death Day movies showed off Landon’s distinct style. If you’ve checked out Freaky, chances are you were left imagining the possibilities for a sequel, and as it turns out, the filmmakers are talking about too.

CinemaBlend had the pleasure of speaking to Freaky’s Misha Osherovich, who plays Josh, one of the best friends of Kathryn Newton’s Millie (the other being Celeste O’Connor’s Nyla) in the movie. Throughout the body swap antics that have Vince Vaughn’s Blissfield Butcher switching places with the teen, they follow along and create some fun moments for Freaky. Here’s what Osherovich said when I asked if there’s already been any discussion for a second movie:

Of course we’ve talked about a sequel, and as we’ve seen with the Happy Death Day series, Chris Landon M.O. is let’s go bigger, better and more amazing and outlandish with sequels. Michael Kennedy, Chris Landon and I have certainly talked about it... The answer is yes we’ve talked about it, and that’s probably all I can say.

Now that’s a tease! According to Misha Osherovich, they are already throwing around ideas with the writers and would go, dare I say… freakier if Blumhouse gives the green light to a sequel. If you’re a fan of the Happy Death Day movies, you know how valuable a second Freaky movie could be, because these filmmakers took the concept of a Groundhog Day-inspired time loop, and stretched it into another dimension for last year’s Happy Death Day 2U.

If you’d like to see the Freaky saga continue, the best thing we can do is go out and see it, plain and simple. Support! Now that’s a strange ask in the age of COVID-19 where only select theaters are currently open. Freaky is under the Universal umbrella, and the studio made a deal with AMC Theatres over the summer that allows its movies, including Freaky, to have a run in theaters (including your local drive-in) for 17 days before becoming available to rent at home. In my interview with Osherovich, the actor mentioned a couple reasons of their own about Freaky sequel hopes:

Just the fact that they’re Queer filmmakers that are writing these incredibly humanized Queer characters and other characters as well in these outlandish worlds, I really do hope there is a sequel, if only because it would be really cool to see how my character, Celeste’s character and Kathryn develop in a sequel.

Freaky is a rare major studio film written, directed and starring people in the LGBTQ+ community, with Misha Osherovich playing an out-and-proud gay teen, who cleverly comments on horror tropes through their character. Freaky’s core characters certainly make an impression on audiences, and it would be a blast to see them return for another Christopher Landon sequel. And we’re still waiting on the third Happy Death Day movie, of course. Check out Freaky in theaters now.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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