Wonder Woman 1984's Patty Jenkins Sheds Light On That Amazons Spinoff

Amazons in Wonder Woman movie

We’ve had to wait a while for its arrival, but it’s official: Wonder Woman 1984 will be released next month, both in theaters and on HBO Max. However the events of the sequel unfold, there are already plans to keep the Wonder Woman franchise going with both another sequel and a spinoff centered on the Amazons of Themyscira. While director Patty Jenkins is not planning on helming the spinoff, she is involved with its creative development as a producer, and she recently shed some light on what the project will have to offer.

It was nearly a year ago that Patty Jenkins revealed that the Wonder Woman spinoff was in the works, and here’s what she had to say about how it will tie into the main movies while speaking with Geek Magazine (via Reddit):

This is a story that Geoff Johns and I came up with and then introduced to Warner. The events of this story take place after Diana leaves Themyscira, the Island of the Amazons, and there are some twists and turns linked to what will happen between Wonder Woman 1984 and Wonder Woman 3. The production of the project has not yet officially started, but I hope we get it because I love this story.

Naturally this spinoff has to contain some ties to the Wonder Woman mythos given that Diana grew up on Themyscira among these mighty warriors. However, now we have a more specific time frame to work with, as rather than being a prequel to the first Wonder Woman movie, it will take place after Diana left the island with Steve Trevor in 1918 to bring World War I to an end. Exactly how much time afterwards? That’s hard to say, but the spinoff will somehow tie into what goes down in Wonder Woman 1984 and what’s to come in Wonder Woman 3.

With approximately 100 years having passed between the events of Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s been strongly that Diana hasn’t been back to Themyscira in that time. Granted, we will revisit Themyscira in Wonder Woman 1984, but so far that just looks to be through flashbacks to Diana’s childhood. That being said, perhaps whatever unfolds in this Amazons spinoff will pave the way for Diana to finally return home in Wonder Woman 3.

So if we can reasonably rule out Gal Gadot reprising Wonder Woman in the Amazons spinoff, who can we expect to star? For now, that’s being kept secret, although it would make sense for Connie Nielsen to reprise the heroine’s mother, Hippolyta, since she rules Themyscira. Presumably though, the main protagonist will be someone who hasn’t appeared in the DCEU yet. For now, my money’s on Nubia, who’s been around the DC Comics landscape since the early 1970s and has even held the Wonder Woman mantle.

Back in April, Patty Jenkins said the plan was for this Amazons spinoff to come out before Wonder Woman 3, so we may learn specific details about it sooner rather than later. As for the threequel, Jenkins revealed in early 2019 that it would be a contemporary story, but as of this past June, she’d paused working on the story because she wanted to absorb “whatever the result of this pandemic is.” Since the Amazons spinoff is taking priority, it seems like we’ll have a longer wait in store for Wonder Woman 3 compared to the gap between Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on both the Amazons spinoff and Wonder Woman 3. Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive to domestic big screens and HBO Max on December 25, with many international markets that don’t have access to the streaming service getting it in theaters on December 16. If you’re curious about other DC movies that are in the works, look through our comprehensive guide.

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