Kevin Hart Pokes Fun At His Height While Sitting In A Tall Chair On The Set Of His New Movie

Kevin Hart as Franklin "Mouse" Finbar in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

The phrase “if you can’t laugh at yourself” has served as the opening for a number of age-old sayings, and the idea is almost always correct. On some level, we should all be able to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. A number of celebrities have no problem poking fun at themselves, and Kevin Hart is probably one of the most self-deprecating comedians in the industry. And just recently, the actor took to social media to make a joke about his height using a tall chair.

Kevin Hart stands at 5’4” and, over the years, many haven’t hesitated to highlight his size for comedic purposes. But Hart is definitely in on the joke and, in a recent photo from the set of The Man from Toronto, he made a great joke at his own expense. Check out his Instagram post below:

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The caption is perfect and definitely exemplifies that Kevin Hart won’t hesitate to make jokes about himself. And while this is meant mostly as a joke, it also shows that the actor truly owns his size, no matter what anyone says.

Kevin Hart is part of a special group of actors who don’t mind making fun of themselves or their past work. Ryan Reynolds is known to do this quite often, especially when it comes to 2011’s Green Lantern. From poking fun at the movie in Deadpool to even mocking it in a commencement speech, Reynolds has found some creative ways to take digs at his panned superhero flick. Though the actor has made it clear that whenever he mocks the film, he’s never making fun of the people who worked on it, as he’s only laughing at himself.

This is something that Kevin Hart certainly seems to embody as well, and he’s got some pretty thick skin. And he honestly needs to have it since he sometimes finds himself at the wrong end of playful jokes by friend and co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And like anything else he does, Johnson puts plenty of effort into quality jokes about Hart.

However, Hart does still know how to dish out jokes, and he’s gotten Johnson in a number of ways, including making fun of his action movies. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing but love between the two stars, and they’re faux feuding appears to be mostly for the camera.

Ultimately, we could all probably take a lesson from Kevin Hart and his peers in taking some time to laugh at ourselves once in a while. With Kevin Hart shooting The Man from Toronto with stars like Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco, it wouldn’t be surprising if the group is making jokes as they work. And if they are, I’m sure we’ll get a taste of them during the eventual press tour.

The Man from Toronto is scheduled to hit theaters on September 17, 2021.

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