The Rock Destroys Kevin Hart In This Hilarious Impersonation Video, Watch It Now

The Rock and Kevin Hart have an obvious chemistry together. While they're clearly funny together, the comedy kicks up a notch when the two interview each other, while also playing each other. The two co-stars of Central Intelligence performed an interview where The Rock played the part of Hart, and Hart played The Rock. The result is damn funny stuff.

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The video, from TheLADbible, opens with "The Rock" about to begin his interview with his co-star. The first problem out of the gate is that it doesn't appear that Kevin Hart is capable of performing The People's Eyebrow (Dwayne Johnson's signature arching eyebrow). At least, we think that's what he's trying to do here. It's really not clear. What he ends up doing is winking, and looking more like Popeye than he does The Rock. We're also not sure what the clicking and whistling is about. Maybe that's something that Dwayne Johnson does, but again, Hart sounds more like he's impersonating a dolphin than the former WWE Champion.

However, when The Rock shows up playing the part of Kevin Hart, it gets pretty funny. It's clear that Kevin Hart thinks The Rock is doing a hilarious job, as he can't avoid laughing from the moment Rocky shows up in the shot. The Rock's version of Kevin Hart is attached to his phone, which we can imagine is probably true, it is for most of us after all. The speech pattern is what sells it all though. If you've ever seen Kevin Hart's stand-up, you'll recognize where Dwayne Johnson is coming from.

While few would argue that Central Intelligence is the greatest movie ever put out by either Kevin Hart or The Rock, what most have agreed on is that the two actors work really well together. The pair obviously had fun making the movie and just enjoy being together. Each one spends the entire video just trying to make the other one laugh until Hart has to tap out because he just can't keep it up any longer. The video breaks down into Inception levels of impersonation as The Rock does an impression of Kevin Hart, doing an impression of The Rock.

Fans will likely be in for more shenanigans like this as both The Rock and Kevin Hart are currently on board a remake of Jumanji, alongside Jack Black, who, as it turns out, can do The People's Eyebrow. Maybe we can get Jack Black to do the interview of The Rock for the next video.

Are The Rock and Kevin Hart the next big comedy duo in movie history? Should these two do a Freaky Friday-style body switching comedy next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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