Kevin Hart Shares Photo, Admits He's 'Cold As ****' Now That More Movies Are Filming In Canada

In the North American region of the world, the weather is about to get a lot colder as we move deeper the winter season. But with moviemaking still continuing in cities like Toronto, the show will go on for movies that are looking to get underway in the near future. Kevin Hart’s latest action comedy, The Man From Toronto, is one of those very projects that’s shooting at right now, and as the man himself said on social media, it’s a very cold time to be filming in those Canadian streets.

As he normally does with his social media presence, Kevin Hart updated the world on his latest activity through his humorous lens on Instagram. The good news is that he has a fresh cut from his barber, and the man’s looking pretty good on The Man From Toronto set. The bad news, as you’ll see below, is that the weather outside is seasonally frightful:

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We’ve seen all sorts of movies moving their productions to Canada, as the COVID-19 infection rates have been among the lower reported in the world. Projects like the Ben Affleck/Robert Rodriguez thriller Hypnotic have set up shop in Toronto, which historically has been a stand-in for metro areas like Los Angeles and New York in eras of filmmaking past. But with The Man From Toronto, the fact that this movie’s title just happened to land the production in a relatively safer part of the globe is one of the things that actually worked in its favor.

This is even more of a blessing, considering earlier this year, Kevin Hart’s film lost Jason Statham as a potential lead, just as it was about to go into production. And then, The Man From Toronto had to eventually pause its shooting schedule since it coincided with the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunes eventually shifted, as the movie is now in production, and Woody Harrelson eventually took over the role of a deadly assassin who’s forced into accompanying Kevin Hart’s “New York screw up” after a classic mix-up at an Airbnb. And as you’ll see in another post from The Man From Toronto set, Hart’s still putting in the work, even as the temperatures drop.

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With The Man From Toronto’s shooting schedule starting in October for a three-month run, it looks like those long, “cold as shit” days are coming to a close for Kevin Hart. Audiences will be able to see the fruits of his and Woody Harrelson’s labor when, and if, the film opens in its current slot, on September 17, 2021. But it might have some competition, as you’ll see when you check out the ever growing 2021 release schedule. It looks like this frigid shoot might lead to a heated box office competition!

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