Gerard Butler Swears Nuclear Bunkers Like The Ones In Greenland Actually Exist

Gerard Butler in Greenland

In the harrowing disaster thriller Greenland, Gerard Butler makes a promise to his child, which ends up being very hard to keep. “I swear I’ll get us into those bunkers,” promises the dad. “Because we’re always going to be together.” You can see it in the trailer, which I will include below. The bunkers are a safe haven in the middle of a catastrophic, planet-threatening event. Citizens of the world risk life and limb to get to those bunkers. So when I spoke with the cast of Greenland, I asked them if they knew whether or not those bunkers were real, and their answer can be found in the video above.

The threat in Ric Roman Waugh’s harrowing Greenland is a massive asteroid that is going to breach our planet’s atmosphere. The rock pieces aren’t massive… but they are big enough to create massive headaches for the people on our planet. It’s a wonderful throwback to the days of Armageddon and Deep Impact, only, played much straighter, with special-effects terrors and deep commentary about how we, as a society, might act in the face of such threats.

Once it is made known in Greenland that there are nuclear bunkers under the ground in Greenland, the parents in the movie (played by Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin) move mountains to seek passage on planes that will bring their family unit to safety. So when I asked Butler if he knew about the possible existence of said structures, he told me:

There are nuclear concrete bunkers dug into the ground. And I think I heard that they’ve kind of been forgotten about, and a lot of them have been covered in ice. But that has receded again. And they’re there, in Greenland!

Now that you know, and I know, let’s keep it to ourselves, just in case there ever is a threat from the galaxies that threatens our planet. We can quietly head to Greenland and find the bunkers that used to be hidden beneath the ice. At the very least, we’ll find Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin there, and we can all hang out, in safety.

Here’s that trailer I discussed with you:

Greenland is one of the many movies that was set to come out earlier this year, and then faced numerous delays thanks to movie theaters having to close their doors to audiences. It has been finished, and will speak a lot to how our global community reacts in the face of large threats. While there is plenty of large-scale disasters in Ric Roman Waugh’s movie, the scariest elements might actually be the people standing next to us when the shit hits the fan.

See it for yourself when Greenland opens on PVOD from STX beginning on Friday, December 18.

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