Wonder Woman in action in the mall in 1984

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Warning: SPOILERS are ahead for Wonder Woman 1984.

It was a long three years for DC fans waiting for Wonder Woman 1984 after Patty Jenkins’ first comic book movie became one of the most impressive superhero origin movies for the Warner Bros franchise. But, in terms of Diana Prince’s own timeline, there are approximately 66 years in between coming to the outside world at the end of World War I to her ‘80s shopping mall rope a dope. That’s just about an entire lifetime of Diana’s that we missed out on and have questions about after seeing the sequel.

Sure, the Avengers’ Steve Rogers time jumped from WWII to modern day between his origin story and his subsequent films, but he was tied up in a block of ice. Diana Prince keeps busy and undoubtedly had some exciting adventures over the years, from the Roaring Twenties to ‘70s Hippie counterculture. We would have loved a little recap of her life before the opening action scene – even just to see how Diana’s impeccable style has shifted over the years. But because Wonder Woman 1984 doesn’t address her life in between, we’ll just speculate the answers to the biggest questions marks between the two Patty Jenkins-directed films.

Wonder Woman World War I frontline photo

Was Wonder Woman Involved In Other American Events After WWI?

Taking Wonder Woman to the ‘80s was a natural choice for the production, especially considering the many fans who associate the Lynda Carter TV show from just before that time to the hero. It also makes a lot of sense for the Dreamstone to be an artifact that would become powerful in that era, because the ‘80s is often characterized by American consumerism. But if Wonder Woman was involved in saving humanity from not only World War I and some Reagan Era ongoings, what stopped her from having a hand in World War II or the Civil Rights Movement?

A lot happened in between, and we’re certainly curious if Diana Prince threw her Lasso of Truth into the ring throughout history or stood back until Maxwell Lord started wreaking havoc. My gut says she’s always finding ways to save humanity and Wonder Woman 1984 wasn’t her second rodeo, but it'd be nice if we could get some more specifics about where the bookends currently stand.

Gal Gadot on Themyscira in Wonder Woman

Has Diana Ever Returned To Themyscira?

As introduced in Wonder Woman, Diana Prince grew up on a secret island in the Bermuda Triangle called Themyscira, which is protected by barriers and only populated by female warriors. Diana left her home back in 1918 when Steve Trevor landed there and she went on her quest to fight Ares. When we catch up back with Diana in the ‘80s, she lives in Washington D.C. and works at the Smithsonian. When not working, she lives a rather isolated life and fights crime part time. As Wonder Woman established, Diana loves humanity and has vowed to protect it instead of strictly living on Themyscira. But, does she ever go home or keep in contact with her family?

Diana couldn’t have been exiled from Themyscira, could she? Is there some kind of rule that once you leave, you cannot return? How does the barrier technology work? In the comics, she does bounce back and forth, but there are a lot of loose ends about Diana’s connections to her badass lady island. It wasn’t really explored in Wonder Woman 1984 beyond a childhood flashback. Luckily, we’re getting an Amazons spinoff down the line that could clear some of this up.


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Lucy Davis as Etta Candy in Wonder Woman

Did Diana Stay With Etta Candy After WWI?

One tidbit that shots from around Diana’s apartment showed us, was a cute picture of her posing with an aged Etta Candy on a ferry or boat. It was one of the few ties to her past that we get in Wonder Woman 1984, but it’s a blink-and-you-miss moment in the film. As we connect the dots between the original film and the sequel, it’s possible that the picture is communicating that after Steve’s death, Diana moved in with Etta and spent her whole life by her side before residing in her '80s home.

That picture makes me feel better that Diana Prince perhaps found a good home among humanity after her first love died and she left Themyscira. I wish we had more of a glimpse through a moment or two with Diana and Etta Candy following WWI to give us a sense of their relationship, but we have what we have.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot as Steve Trevor and Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984

Has She Seriously Refused To Date Anyone After Steve Trevor?

Much of Wonder Woman 1984 focuses on Diana learning to move on from Steve Trevor through her Dreamstone wish that brings him back, but in a really odd way. When she has lunch with Barbara at the beginning of the film, she tells her that she’s only been in love once (with Steve), and whenever guys flirt or even look her way (before the end of the film), she shoos them off like fleas. Sure, she struck big with Steve Trevor being the first man she met and fell in love with back in 1918, but she hasn’t been dating at all or caught the eye of another for 66 years? 66 YEARS?!

I understand our gal is old fashioned and grew up in a society without men, so it’d be natural for her to shake them off and focus on her work, but come on. Even if it wasn’t love as pure as her time with Steve, I'm really curious if there was another and she was just hung back up on Steve Trevor for Wonder Woman 1984.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984

How Does Wonder Woman Keep Such A Low Profile?

Here's the last question for the Wonder Woman fans after seeing Wonder Woman 1984 (which is streaming on HBO Max all month with a subscription you can grab using this link): how come no one knows she exists? At the beginning of the film. when Diana takes down those guys at the mall, she takes out the security cameras, but makes a pretty big scene and some kids do see her. The news has noticed that she is helping out around town, but has no one attempted to get her description or remembered her face?

Perhaps I’m just leaning into a bit of a plot hole here, but if Wonder Woman has been saving humanity from peril such as shopping mall thugs, she certainly does larger crime control. How does she maintain her low profile, especially when she makes no effort to disguise herself in her “normal” life.

Alright, what do you think? Did you have these questions too and would you have preferred another Wonder Woman movie before it jumped to the ‘80s, or are you happy with the time jump? Vote in the poll below and stick with us here on CinemaBlend for more DC discussions.

Was there too much of a time gap between Wonder Woman and WW84?
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