7 Wonder Woman Questions We Have After Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot's Diana wearing golden armor in Wonder Woman 1984

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Warning: SPOILERS for Wonder Woman 1984 are ahead!

Wonder Woman 1984 took a little longer to arrive than expected, but as of Friday, it’s now available to watch both in theaters and on HBO Max. The sequel follows Diana Prince over six decades after the events of the first Wonder Woman movie, when her life is turned upside down by the sudden return of Steve Trevor, and the subsequent problems initiated by Maxwell Lord and Barbara Minerva. Needless to say that Diana emerges victorious by the end of Wonder Woman 1984, and seems to be in a better headspace compared to when the movie began.

Because Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League are set in the modern era, we know where Diana Prince’s life is headed in the next several decades. Still, there are some questions that need to be asked in the aftermath of Wonder Woman 1984, pertaining to both the main story and the future of the Wonder Woman film series. Before going further, I will once again warn that SPOILERS for the latest DCEU movie are ahead, and suggest that you read through our ending breakdown before proceeding further.

Dreamstone Wonder Woman 1984

Are There Other God-Powered Artifacts Out There?

Wonder Woman 1984’s chief source of trouble was the Dreamstone, an artifact created by Dechalafrea Ero, the God of Lies, that granted users their deepest desires, but at a personal cost. Because Maxwell Lord wished to become the Dreamstone, the physical object itself turned to dust, and because Diana used her Lasso of Truth to convince Lord to relinquish the chief wish that’d given life to everyone else’s wishes, presumably that means the stone’s power is also permanently gone. However, Diana told Steve Trevor that the gods were capable of imbuing everyday objects with great power, so does that mean other deity-enhanced artifacts out in the world waiting to be discovered by unsuspecting parties? With the Olympians having all been killed by Ares, these artifacts are the next best way for their legacy to be felt across Earth. So perhaps another one will surface when Wonder Woman 3 rolls around, requiring Diana to figure out a different solution to stop whoever holds that special power.

Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984

Will Maxwell Lord Be Arrested?

Maxwell Lord started out in Wonder Woman 1984 craving power, and he was certainly quenching that thirst when he collected wishes from people all around the world. However, upon seeing that his son Alistair was danger as a result of the chaos he was causing, Lord renounced his own wish and rushed to reunite with Alistair. Everything is back to normal at the end of the movie, but unless Lord erased everyone’s minds about what he’d done, then the police will likely be after him. Granted, the U.S. justice system doesn’t cover Dreamstone-related actions, but at the very least, the authorities would want to question him about all the problems he caused. Even if that’s not the case, it’s not like Lord will be able to keep a low profile going forward given how so many people recognize him from the Black Gold ads.

Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva in Wonder Woman 1984

Are Diana And Barbara On Good Terms Again?

Barbara Minerva was already a force to be reckoned with after wishing she could be like Diana, but after joining forces with Maxwell Lord, she was granted a second wish: to become an apex predator. Alas, Barbara’s time as The Cheetah was short-lived, as after Max undid all the wishes, Barbara returned to her normal form. However, it was hard to tell by the look on her face if she was back to being a kind and caring individual, or if she resented Diana for taking her power away. Assuming Barbara doesn’t quit her job at the Smithsonian, eventually she and Diana will bump into each other, and that will be an awkward interaction no matter what. That said, fingers crossed Barbara is more clear-headed in the aftermath of Wonder Woman 1984, because the last thing Diana needs is having to deal with Barbara trying to become Cheetah again.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in plane in Wonder Woman 1984

Did Diana Keep The Invisible Jet?

Upon learning that Maxwell Lord was heading to Cairo, Diana and Steve commandeered a jet so they could get to Egypt quickly. Unfortunately, Steve never had to contend with radar during his flying days in World War I, so he and Diana were in danger of being shot down. As a last-ditch effort, Diana cast an invisibility spell she’d only successfully performed once before and cloaked them from danger. Thus, the DCEU’s Invisible Jet was born. Diana and Steve made it to Cairo, and presumably they used the Jet to make it back to the U.S. but what happened to it afterwards? Diana said she lost the coffee cup she’d previously turned invisible, so that implies the spell could be permanent. If so, then Diana would be wise to stash the Invisible Jet somewhere safe so that it doesn’t get in the wrong hands. And if she did keep the jet, that would have been worth breaking out in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League.

Asteria holding back tides of man in Wonder Woman 1984

How Did Asteria Survive?

When Steve Trevor noticed Diana’s golden armor, she used the Lasso of Truth to show him how it once belonged to Asteria, a legendary Amazon warrior who used the armor to hold back the tides of man while the other Amazons escaped to Themyscira. However, when the armor was found thousands of years later, Asteria’s body was nowhere to be found. Well, it turns out that like Diana, Asteria’s been living among humanity in secret all these years. That’s all well and good, but how did she escape being slaughtered? Amazons are stronger than humans, but they’re not invincible, and it was clear from Diana’s flashback that Asteria was outnumbered. If she didn’t straight up hack and slash her way through those opponents, maybe she cast a spell to mask her escape. More importantly though…

Lynda Carter as Asteria in Wonder Woman 1984

Will Diana And Asteria Cross Paths?

Asteria was played in Wonder Woman 1984 ’s end-credits scene by star of the 1970s Wonder Woman TV series Lynda Carter. So obviously that’s a fun wink to the Amazon heroine’s past, but what if there’s more to Carter’s appearance than a simple cameo? As of Justice League, Diana is starting to become well known to the general public, and Patty Jenkins previously said that Wonder Woman 3 will be a contemporary story. The world’s a big place, but Diana’s actions may eventually catch Asteria’s attention, leading to her tracking down the superheroine. Or maybe Diana somehow catches wind that Asteria is around and tries to find her. Either way, it’s hard to imagine these two will just go about the rest of their days without running into each other.

Themyscira DCEU

Will Diana Ever Return To Themyscira?

When Diana left Themyscira with Steve Trevor in 1918, she left knowing that she’d likely never return home given how the island is shielded from humanity. Wonder Woman 1984 made it clear that Diana spent the 66 years after the first Wonder Woman movie solely in the outside world, and there’s no indication she’s been back to Themyscira in the three+ decades between the sequel and Justice League, although her mother Hippolyta was able to warn her about Steppenwolf’s arrival. In other words, Diana hasn’t stepped foot on Themyscira for over 100 years; will that ever change? With an Amazons spinoff in the works that will tie into Wonder Woman 3, I’m inclined to think that the stage is being set for Diana to finally come home. Should that happen, hopefully Diana can bring Asteria along with her, as it’d be great for the legendary warrior to finally see the place where her Amazon sisters ended up.

Let us know about any questions you have after watching Wonder Woman 1984 in the comments below (use the following link to sign up for HBO Max if you’re not already subscribed). Those of you thinking about what DC movies are coming up next can find that information in our comprehensive guide.

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