There are hit Broadway shows, and then there's Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda's hip hop telling of America's founding was the hottest ticket on Broadway before it shut down, and earned Tony, Grammy, and Pulitzer Prize Awards. The show reached an even wider audience when Disney+ released a filmed version to the world. And while it was critically acclaimed, Hamilton has gotten some bad news ahead of Awards Season.

When Hamilton arrived on Disney+ in July, one of the main lasting questions was exactly if/how it would qualify for film awards-- especially the coveted Academy Awards. It was recently revealed that Hamilton will be competing in the comedy/musical categories of the Golden Globes, but unfortunately it's not all good news. Namely because the recorded Broadway show won't be eligible for this year's Oscars.

This news comes to us from THR, and is a rare moment where Hamilton wasn't able to win the day. The Film Academy made the call only recently, citing Rule Two, Section G of their policies. The excerpt that was used to disqualify the streaming movie sensation is relatively open-ended, it reads:

The Awards Rules Committee will evaluate all matters of rules and eligibility.

This small bit of fine was reportedly all that was needed for Hamilton to be excluded from Academy Award consideration. And Hamilton is certainly a unique film project. It's not a movie by traditional standards, but it's also not a documentary or a piece of non-fiction. What's more, the performances were captured years ago, and the direction wasn't altered from the stage production.

Hamilton is available exclusively on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

While the Hamilton movie won't be taking home any Oscars this year, it's still got the chance to compete for other film awards. As previously mentioned, the show was deemed eligible for the Golden Globes, and it'll also get a chance at the SAG Awards. We'll just have to see how it competes, as it'll be a very different project than its competitors.

The Hamilton movie was originally intended for a full theatrical run, although it ended up on Disney+ as a result of the pandemic's affect on the entertainment industry. While the In the Heights movie was pushed back a year, Hamilton was moved up and went straight to homes. It quickly broke the internet, resulting in a surge of new Disney+ subscribers and the soundtrack's performance on the charts.

Since countless 2020 movies were pushed back when theaters closed, it should be an interesting Awards Season. There will presumably be way fewer movies competing, so Hamilton could have a solid chance in a venue like the Golden Globes. Film accolades are seemingly the only statues Lin-Manuel Miranda's show hasn't won yet. But maybe we just have to wait for it.

Hamilton is currently available on Disney+. Be sure to check out our 2021 release list to plan your movie experiences this year.

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