How Hamilton’s Phillipa Soo Believes The Musical Will Impact The Next Generation

Eliza (Phillipa Soo) sings during 'Hamilton'

Since its inception, the Hamilton musical has been a source of inspiration for many. Whether it was the cast and crew themselves, or the countless fans who’ve fallen in love with it, many have made it clear that Hamilton and its unique retelling of the story of one of America’s founding fathers has an important legacy. Phillipa Soo, who starred in the Disney+ film, even believes that Hamilton will have a big impact on future generations.

Phillipa Soo plays the pivotal role of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton in Hamilton. As the titular character’s wife, she shares all the ups and downs of his life and career and is ultimately the one left to tell his story after he is gone. Many fans gravitate to the character and the empowering way she takes control of her narrative.

The actress has made it clear she, too, finds Eliza to be a powerful and essential figure. However, based on a recent message to fans via, it sounds like she is also grateful that Hamilton as a whole exists to inspire young people:

I just want to see the things that are going to come out of the generation of kids who grew up with Hamilton. They’re going to create, and I think that ties it back into what we’re talking about, arts education and why it’s so important. Arts exposure, the ability to give kids the opportunity to see a show because tickets are really hard to afford. To give kids that chance to see that thing so that Hamilton or whatever it is can be their sort of iconic art that informs them for the rest of their lives. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to make. And it’s coming up soon because they’re all growing up.

Phillipa Soo isn’t the only Hamilton cast member who’s recognized how important it is for young people to be exposed to the arts. Leslie Odom Jr. recently expressed gratitude at being a part of a project that is accessible to so many people around the world who may not otherwise get a chance to see a Broadway musical performed.

Fans have certainly taken advantage of the varying formats in which Hamilton has been available this year. They flocked to Disney+ over the summer when it premiered and shared their enthusiasm with other fans and the musical’s cast members -- many of whom, like Phillipa Soo, responded in kind.

The Hamilton soundtrack, too, has seen a big boost this year on the Billboard charts. Before the film was made widely available, the original cast recording was the primary way a lot of fans discovered the musical. Now that new fans are finding it for the first time, they’re buying and streaming the album, too. In other words, Phillipa Soo’s dream that Hamilton will resonate for years to come seems like it’s got a huge chance to become a reality.

Katherine Webb