Welp, Looks Like A Lot Of Movie Fans Did Nothing But Listen To The Hamilton Soundtrack In 2020

Hamilton screenshot on Disney+ photo courtesy of Disney

Anyone familiar with Spotify probably knows about a feature called “Spotify Wrapped,” though this year, we might as well be calling it “Spotify Rapped,” as a lot of people have revealed what they were listening to in 2020 and spoiler alert, it’s been a bunch of Hamilton tracks. When I say a bunch of Hamilton tracks, in some cases I really mean hundreds or even thousands of minutes each person spent with the likes of Daveed Diggs, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Odom Jr., Lin-Manuel, Miranda, Phillipa Soo and more.

People took to social over the last several days to share their year in review, and revealed that many a playlist was peppered with Hamilton songs such as “My Shot” and “The Room Where It Happens,” as it so happens. Some people seem to be using the music as work motivation.

Others are sharing their experiences with their respective Spotify Hamilton lists, and while some people seem here for it, others were a little more flippant with their takes on their music in review, even despite Hamilton dominating their playlists.

For some people, the obsession doesn’t just stop with Hamilton and extends to some of the people involved in the cast as well. Just ask this girl what she’s spent her year doing…

That post kind of makes me wonder what her #2 and #4 picks were though. Regardless, if you want a true indication of how much time some people spent with Hamilton this year, another user also explained exactly how many minutes they spent reveling in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s clever verse.

Obviously, with fewer big movie moments this year, Hamilton was a stand out on Disney+ -- at a time when Disney+ desperately need new content to boot -- but it’s pretty amusing how many people had this type of playlist going for them in 2020. It was also a popular musical before it was a popular Disney+ project, though the streaming release definitely amplified the musical’s popularity and put it in front of so many more eyeballs than it may have been. Though it’s worth noting this isn’t the first year Hamilton has landed in people’s Spotify year end lists.

If you haven’t caught Hamilton on Disney+ already, it’s not the end of the year just yet. You can still join the myriad people in 2020 who have caught the musical event and give it a whirl yourself. You probably won’t regret it, unless you are worried about people seeing your own “Spotify Wrapped” list next year. In addition, here's what Disney has coming up in the movie realm in 2021!

Jessica Rawden
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