Mighty Ducks Actor Shaun Weiss Celebrated One Year Of Sobriety In An Awesome Way

Over the past several years, actor Shaun Weiss has been navigating personal obstacles pertaining to substance abuse and his criminal record. He was arrested on several occasions for possession of crystal meth, among other offenses that led to Weiss’s current state of sobriety. Now, as he reaches a full year of clean living, the Mighty Ducks actor is celebrating in a pretty awesome way: he’s opening his Christmas presents.

With such a huge personal milestone taking place a little over a year after his most recent arrest, Shaun Weiss was reported by TMZ to have delayed his own yuletide festivities for the occasion. And that’s not all the Disney alum has been up to, as this recent progress report also noted that screenwriting and comedy have been two other hobbies that Weiss has been sharpening in his downtime. Fantastic news like this must feel like Christmas, so it’s only fair for him to have kept the presents on standby for today’s red letter day.

The star of such childhood favorites as Heavyweights, as well as TV shows like Paul Feig’s cult classic Freaks and Geeks, Shaun Weiss’ career made many lasting memories for the fans that followed his professional journey. With his personal setbacks no doubt playing a role in that absence from the big and small screen, and his last recorded roles dating back to 2016, that lack of credits may have been the inspiration of Weiss’ work on his writing and comedic timing. That could also signal his intent to return entertaining after five years since he was last seen acting.

If that’s the case, we have to wonder if The Mighty Ducks legacy will see him return in some capacity. Whether it’s an actual on-screen acting role or in the writer’s room of the upcoming Disney+ show The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, there’s always a chance that Shaun Weiss could find his personal resurgence in the franchise that helped get him off to a memorable start. As this isn’t an option that’s on the table just yet, there’s something about that scenario that feels like a Disney redemption story in the making.

One year of sobriety is a very important milestone for someone like Shaun Weiss, who’s on the road to recovery. Those 365 days have made all the difference, and his personal growth is worthy of its own special celebration. And now that he’s set a personal precedent with a delayed Christmas season to commemorate this sign post in his life’s journey, it’ll be interesting to see if Weiss continues to celebrate Christmas on this same date every year. In which case, those closest to him may want to shift their plans accordingly for future holiday happenings.

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