Jason Statham Is Not Messing Around In First Action Trailer For Guy Ritchie's Wrath Of Man

We all have grudges in life, ranging from something as small as a staged feud for fun and press coverage to something as huge as various grievous offenses. If you know someone’s grudge, you know a little more about them and, in the trailer for Guy Ritchie’s latest action thriller Wrath of Man, Jason Statham’s enigmatic H has the deadliest grudge of them all. H has lost his son and, now, he’s not messing around when it comes to settling the score.

In their fourth collaboration together, not counting their untitled spy thriller co-starring Aubrey Plaza, Ritchie and Statham bring the band back together for Wrath of Man. And the results we’ve seen in this first trailer are full of crazy gun action, with Jason Statham’s legendary air of cool professionalism. Which naturally leads co-stars like Josh Hartnet and Holt McCallany to wonder who, or what, Statham’s secretive character was like, before becoming an armored truck employee. Mystery and gun skills: that’s a lethal combination, if I’ve ever heard of one.

The mystery of Wrath of Man’s secretive protagonist only heightens when it’s theorized that maybe, he took a job protecting armored cars just to avenge the death of his son. And avenging is Jason Statham’s pint of lager, as he lays waste to anyone and everyone in his way with simple, precise gunshots. Much as he’s done in films like The Transporter series and Hobbs and Shaw, Statham makes gun action look like a ballet.

Guy Ritchie also makes sure that on top of the action and mayhem that Jason Statham gets to indulge in with Wrath of Man, he also gets some action hero one-liners. From that first encounter where he complains about getting a pistol to stop a machine gun, there’s no shortage of the Statham/Ritchie wit. Though that complaint seems vastly unfair in hindsight, as Jason Statham’s H seems to be able to do rather well with just a pistol.

In addition to Statham, the cast of Wrath of Man has some awesome players that will either help or harm him in his quest for revenge. We’d previously mentioned Josh Hartnett and Holt McCallany but, in addition, we’ll get to see Scott Eastwood and even Post Malone potentially squaring off with the man himself. Admittedly, I’m just waiting for this movie to show more footage of Malone in particular, because something tells me setting the right scene to “Circles” will make for a fantastic meme.

If there’s one grand compliment we could give Guy Ritche's Wrath of Man, it’s that it’s a movie that only he and Jason Statham could pull off. With Statham, in particular, being very choosy with how his action/comedy projects roll, this slick looking ride isn’t an accident. So when H settles the score with boxes of bullets on May 7th, it could be another home run from the team that’s been running strong for 23 years and counting.

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