Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman’s Feud (Temporarily) Ended For A Good Cause, Check Out The Video

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in a Hugh Jackman mask

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have become one of the most entertaining duos in Hollywood, which is impressive considering the pair have rarely actually appeared on screen together. Instead, the two basically just throw snide insults at each other and every opportunity. Jackman and Reynolds have called a truce more than once in their little battle, and they're doing so again for the holiday season. It seems that the two of them won't be fighting against each other, but they each want us to do it for them.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are part of a new promotion for Sam's Club that will see shoppers picking their own side in the battle between the two superstars. However, rather than simply picking their favorite celebrity, the voters will also be picking one of two different charities, with Jackman and Reynolds each supporting one. Check out the hilarious announcement video below, where the two continue to take shots at each other, even though they're supposed to be at peace.

Those who want to support Wolverine himself will be supporting the Laughing Man Foundation which will support coffee farming communities around the world. Jackman owns Laughing Man Coffee, and so the topic is close to his heart. Ryan Reynolds supporters will also be supporting the Sick Kids Foundation, Although, if you noticed the fine print in the video above, it does say that Sam's Club will actually be donating equal amounts to both organizations, regardless of the outcome of this vote. This is good news as it means the losing side will still be supported and will still receive a substantial donation. No need to feel guilty for supporting one over the other.

Having said that, I'm sure Sam's Club will still keep track of the votes. It seems quite likely that whichever side wins will want to gloat to the loser. I fully expect to see at least one more of these videos where the winner rubs it in the loser's face, in the funniest way possible, of course.

The thing that's the most impressive about the "battle" between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is how, even after everything the two have gone through, it's still hilarious. Jackman calling Reynolds the "canned cranberry sauce of human beings" is, I think, the best line in the thing, but it's just one of many things that each have called each other over the years that is going to make you laugh out loud.

So, if you find yourself in Sam's Club this holiday season, be sure to support either Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds. Your vote won't actually impact the amount of money the charity gets, so you can vote for whoever you just like more, and help to give them bragging rights over the other.

Dirk Libbey
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